Wednesday, November 10, 2004

They say it's my chicago...or something

Somehow 7 months have FLOWN by and it is nearly my birthday. The first big "to do" since we have been married. (maybe I am leaving something out) We took a weekend trip to Chicago to visit Matt's brother and his wife (Mike and Christine) and have a BLAST! I can't wait to go back and Matt would rather move there!
We went to the Zoo in Licoln Park and saw tons of animals, but the most impressive was the Polar Bear who I could watch for hours. He must have been bored out of his mind by the way he swam in the same pattern around his enormous glass tank, only taking a moment to pause and roar at any smaller human dressed in black who got near the glass. (It must have made him long for seals...)
Also, on Halloween night I stepped in a huge hole that was camouflaged by leaves and sprained my ankle! On the way to a costume party! So I showed up as limping hippie! The cool air was lovely though and the upside was my sweetie pushed me around in a wheelchair when we went to the Field Museum, which was so VERY amazing by the way. I got to see Sue! The city was such a very cool place. Christine and I thrift shopped and had a lovely girls day while the men folks froze their buns off playing GOLF of all things. (I think it was Matt's first time)
On a side note, I have taken up knitting and can't wait to get going with my knitting page. I love it! I could waste hours doing this stuff.
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