Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Muh muh muh moovin'!

Hey folks and friends, we are packing up our stuff and moving to, not Bever-lee, but a few streets over. After this Friday, pending an inspection Matt, Freckles and I will be moving to a house. A house of our very own! The apartment life is losing it's savor as the days inch closer to our inspection date. I was having a bout of the pre-buyers remorse until I got a phone call from our evil apartment manager who informed us that the dog that we have had for a year is violation of our lease (along with the 8 other people in our 12 unit building who have pets and have had pets since we moved here 2 years ago) and she'll have to go... What's the deal with the crack down?! I think my dear dog is worth losing my deposit over, don't you? She ain't leavin'!!! We'll send out our new addy as soon as we know it's all final, which should be in a week or so.

As for this little blog for fam. and friends, I'm going to be transferring it over to a different format and getting rid of the whole MS FrontPage craziness that doesn't work for people with Macs. So we might drop off the planet for awhile, but we'll be back soon. I'll be blogging on my summer adventures and putting up photos. For those of you who don't know, it is an emerging plan to travel over the US this summer, singing (although not a formal tour) seeing friends and babies of friends that have been born while I've been away, camping with Freckles my girl-dog, driving down the coast of California and retracing route 66. That's the plan so far. Not sure what will happen after that, nor are all these plans fixed in stone. Life changes and our needs change with them, but this is the tentative plan. So if you have a couch for me to sleep on, I'd love to visit. June 1 is the kickoff day. Check out our photo page for a picture of my choice of transportation!!! Her name is Naartje (pronounced Narchie)
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