Saturday, June 02, 2007

Home again Home again..biggity bog...

Well, the good ole boys from Lexington brought me back home last night. Grubby, tired, shame-faced. They kept me entertained for about 2 hours with a string of the thickest drawl you've ever heard. I thought Texans were bad. This stuff is so thick I could spread it with a knife!! Matt and I decided to go back to sharing a car until we can fix this one. I'll have to save up though. It'll be a doozy to do. Good news though. I was driving to Longview to work at Day Camp for First Christian Church. It's the camp I went to as a kid and then came back as a junior counselor later. It is lots of fun for little kids! Too bad they don't let them swim in the lake any more. Anyhoo...a kind benefactor paid for my plane ticket down there so I could do music for the kids. I am so excited!! At least I'll get to see family and perhaps have a little fun in the process.

Matt is enjoying our new house. He gets his own office. (I still have a squishy chair in the corner of it so we aren't too far apart) He had a bunch of guys over today to play video games. He thought he'd be on his own by now!! I was supposed to be gone! He and Freckles hang out up here and bond. She's a big fan of the ratty carpet that is in our new house...ick! It's gonna be the first thing to go.

One last thing before I go...My good friend Christy is opening her own shop and will be carrying a line of cool jewelry by yours truly!! Check it out!

Friday, June 01, 2007

I can't be Stuck!

As much as I would like to be in Texas right now, I am sitting in Lexington, TN with my little orange VW bug. I was so proud to finally own the car of my dreams, but here I sit with the cold (hot actually, that's why we're like this) hard facts. My bug can't hack road trips any more. We have to get hauled back to Nashville. Little Naartjie got overheated and began to ruin her own engine! So it's a rebuild for us. In the mean time, I am bummed that I can't do my road trip. It was going to be Longview, Austin, Longview, Houston, Dallas and home. The whirlwind tour. I have a niece to meet and family to see. I can't be stuck!!!
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