Monday, February 25, 2008

I like my limbs

Perhaps this is why I have an inexplicable mortal terror of sharks. Even PICTURES of sharks make my heart rate increase! So when I saw this photo, I was not amused. I could easily fit inside that shark and he'd never notice! I tried (and the geek tried too) to convince myself that it was photoshopped; that this could not be real. And yet, the photographer swears it is and has others like it from a marine biology study he was conducting. Yipe! I don't think that I'll ever get over my feelings about sharks, but I am trying. I looked at lots of pictures today and even touched the screen where the teeth were. (I's a screen! It can't hurt me. Fear isn't logical! And no, sweet husband who is now clutching his chest in horror that I touched the screen, it was neither of yours)

I'm trying to process this photo and see these animals as not the giant killing machines I am afraid they are. It helps to laugh, so when I found this on I can has cheezburger? I felt a little better.

It also reminds me that I see the world as black and white. Things are either good or bad. Evil or kind. I apply that label to people, organizations, animals, and more. Today I am recognizing that the childlike attitudes I bring into adulthood keep me in a judgmental and fearful place. That being said, I still don't think I'd volunteer to be kayak captain in this photo, but today I'll try opening myself up to the idea that people can be just people, with faults and flaws and accepting them is part of my growth as a human.

Grammar can be sexy!

A friend recently (gently) ridiculed the usefulness of a chapter in this book for boys, about grammar. (Odd, seeing as his wife LOVES grammar and if I'm not mistaken is a bit of a comma cop -tee hee!) I happen to think grammar is quite useful, even if I don't have the best habits about it here, as is noted by my 'reading level' evaluation. Which, incidentally, just dropped to elementary school! However, in praise of the semi-colon, I was delighted to read this article in the New York Times recently...
I also love that it's the best way to wink (in an email), without being too risqué.


Meet Monk! He has got to be, by far, the cutest and sweetest pup I have ever met (ranks right up there with Freckles!) We met him at the dog park last week, with his seeing eye person J-. Yes. He has a seeing eye person, because he is blind. J- is fostering this cute bundle until a permanent seeing eye person can be found. J- found Monk in the middle of Shelby Ave. lost and unable to find his way out of the road. When he called the dog, he realized that he was blind! See the cute little way he squints his eyes shut and yes, he is smiling at you! After hunting for and finding his real family, the real owners said that they could not give him the attention he needs and left him with J-. (I don't understand this by the way! I could never get rid of Freckles!!)

This is what J- has to say about him:
"Monk is blind, probably born this way, but I believe he can see shadows or make out items that move. He is very sweet, trusting and friendly and loves to attention and to have his belly rubbed. Who wouldn't!

He's great with other dogs too. I have a 1 year old dog myself and they just love to play together.

I've had him in the house for just over 3 days now (this was a few weeks ago) and he has acclimated pretty well. He is very smart and a quick learner. He navigates the house without bumping into things any longer. Once he gets use to an environment he would have no problem navigating a yard or home.
Also, he's learned how to use the doggie door to let himself in and out of the house. He doesn't seem to have any dislikes except loud noises can startle him but other than that he is a very calm little man.

He is housebroken and would make a great pet for someone who doesn't think of his blindness as a disability that will prevent him from having a full life or bringing love to someone's life.

I've taken him to the vet to get all of his shots, etc. He is in good health. Below are his vitals. Please contact me if you know of anyone that would love a great dog.
1 Yr Old
Chow/Lab/Golden Mix
Up to date on all shots"

My personal experience with this pup proved what J- had to say. He IS a great dog. The geek, as we discussed Monk, mentioned that to a dog, losing your sense of sight would be like us losing our sense of smell (we'd miss it, but it's not vital to life). Since a dog's nose is so highly developed, he can get along fine in a good home, without being able to see (unless, of course, he gets loose in the road!) If you'd like to help him have a fabulous life with people who love him, please get in touch with me ASAP here! (don't worry, I'm safe from the spam bots) Contact Me!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


There is nothing about me that I can do this with. Maybe leg hair, but ick! I want to be in a fun club. (But I don't want to be hairy!... 'cept on my head)

Endless Web junk!

I am noticing that my life is messy, not just in person, but on the web. I keep getting invites to Facebook and I just can't face one more social networking site! I noticed I hadn't updated MySpace in ages yesterday and I am not overly concerned about it. I wish there was one place that would update them all. Or like, a secret email address that I could send mail to where a little web gnome would be my personal PR buddy and go into all of my sites and update them. I think others call those 'Interns,' but I don't have one right now. I love blogging here and as you can tell by my multiple blog posts per day (my neighbor says that my blog posts are far more steady when I am gainfully employed...she's right. I have more time to sit in front of a computer and type about the world, or my world in general. If I'm not at work, I am doing stuff at home). I have signed up for endless doo dads and sites and fun and am struggling to keep them all accounted for! I think I'm up to 6 or more emails. I need to purge my life of stuff and virtual stuff and make room for the things that matter the most. I think I've lost sight of those things.

Thursday, February 21, 2008 like!

What? Flash drives that look like Legos? Yes please!

The Nashville Scene Vilifies Downtown Dwellers! Film at 11.

The Nashville Scene ran a story this week entitled “Outlawing the Poor: Nashville’s new class war pits the down-and-out against up-and-comers and their powerful allies.” BTW, if you are looking for unbiased press, well, The Scene has never been the place to find that. This free weekly rag is rife with stories about some big bad corporate/industry entity oppressing the little guy. This week’s headline is no different.

Quick Sum up: The new panhandling ordinance (which does not really 'ban' panhandling, only puts limits on it) is affecting the homeless and there has been a crack down on unlawful behavior (trespassing, public drunkenness), leading to fines and the like. But the ‘worst’ offenders of all are the people who want to go to work and home without being harassed on the street or having someone sleep on their door stoop. God forbid! Chock full of fun 'Facts' written with an interesting 'spin' this one.

"Metro itself spends a relative pittance—roughly $2 million a year in local tax money—on services for the homeless, mostly to fund a free health clinic and to pay caseworkers in a pilot program helping 35 people find jobs and housing. There are an estimated 2,200 homeless people in Nashville.
At the same time, the city has given $15 million in tax incentives since 2002 to developers building pricey downtown condos. And it would have been more except that Tony Giarratana, who ignited the downtown residential market by building the Viridian in 2006, actually walked away from a $12 million city financing package for his latest project—the 65-story Signature Towers, a posh condo/hotel skyscraper that would rise higher than any building in the Southeast. By rejecting the city’s money, he was relieved of any responsibility to include a few affordable apartments."

Is it me or is $2 million over the last 6 years ($12 million) on homeless services, pretty darn close to $15 million (time line not noted) on tax incentives toward downtown investors? Why write it this way unless it's intended to engender sympathy toward one party over the other? I wonder if the writer of this article lives downtown, or if, like some of the other writers I know at The Scene, he resides in some posh house on a hill in Belle Meade/Bellevue with his opinions and swimming pool.

In 2002 I lived downtown in a 2nd Ave. loft that faced the river. It was a sweet setup. True, there was the bar downstairs (before it moved) that would play live music every night even though my landlord promised me it was only 3 nights or so a week, but by far, it was the best (not to mention coolest place) I’ve lived, to date! (I watched the Cake concert at Dancin' in the District from my windows the night the Thermal Plant burned!) I had a roommate who was about as big as my little finger and we shared the one bedroom apartment We had to park 3 blocks and around the corner away from our building in a lot that became ‘not our lot’ as soon as their was an event. Our monthly parking pass was invalid, for example, on Game Days or for any festival like Fan Fair. It was an act of God to get groceries home, because back then, there was no little Grocery Store near Printers Alley. The closest store was near Metro Center!

I also busked on the streets on weekends and while I frequently was handed a hot plate of food by some well meaning church lady who assumed I was homeless, I also met many people in the mean time, both as I played and when I walked Freckles. There were always the drifters; young hippie type kids who wanted to live ‘off the grid’ i.e., stay gone so long that they could be declared legally dead (7 years) and give up their Social Security number, the drunks and the druggies missing teeth from their crack habit and/or lack of dental hygiene, the harmlessly slow or mentally ill, the scam artists who tried to play me over and over again thinking I wouldn’t remember them. I lived downtown!! I saw them every day! As if I wouldn’t remember that they were once again trying to get some money for gas/ bus fare/ whatever unique thing they had thought of, but was the same story every time. My favorite was the 'dime guy' who asked everyone for a dime. Just a dime…it reminded me of the line from the song ‘Brother, can you spare a dime?” Even the buskers had their spot, their story, their spin. The big black guy with a chair who played like a (very) drunk B.B. King on 2nd Ave, you didn’t go in his territory. Rumor was, he was pulling down $500-$600 per weekend. There were the crazies too, the ones who wandered around yelling to themselves and everyone else, who didn’t want your pity or your money. I was glad for a big dog when they came around.

My roommate (the tiny one), who must have had a sign that said ‘easy target’ stuck on her had people follow her for blocks harassing her, try to push their way into our building at night when she tried to come in the giant (locked) blue front doors. It got to where she would sometimes call and I’d go meet her and let her in so she had ‘backup.’ This was not a good situation.

But my point is, there are no real "bad guys" in this scenario. Just people. Humanity bumping up against each other, and sometimes rubbing each 0ther the wrong way. For me personally, there is something intimidating about someone who is willing to live off the grid. Someone who doesn't have a permanent location where I can send the usual authorities if they hurt me, won’t leave me alone, or try to break in. They live by no rules, and I like rules, like I like walls in my house. They keep out the stuff I don't want, and keep safe the stuff I do.

In those days, on my walks home, I walked like I knew exactly what was going on, striding with my ‘don’t F*%# with me’ stride. Truth be told, as a woman, alone on the city street at night, I was scared, a lot. But, even now, it’s not guilt (as the homeless kid in the article said) I feel when I see them. I'm not having an 'existential crisis,' because I have a car and a bed and they don't. It’s more like staring at a gaping hole in the universe. Here is someone who has lost all connection with family, old friends, education, the world as I know it. 'What brought them here?',' How did they get so lost?', and mostly, 'Could this happen to me and if it did, would anyone notice?' These are the questions I ask. sum up (with many rabbit trails)
Is limiting panhandling a good thing?
Maybe. It sets up safe boundaries for me to protect myself and not live in fear. I understand it's not convenient, but it's still allowed, just not near bus stops, schools, ATMs, or businesses that don't allow it, and not after dark. Basically at places where people have to/need to be, places that need to be safe, and times that lend themselves to trouble.

Is wanting to feel safe in my own home, or in my own ‘front yard’ (even though it may be a sidewalk) bad?
No. And kudos to those who do something about it! If these people were lounging on someone’s front stoop in any other part of town, asking for money, or to just to sleep there, almost anyone would give them the boot. Why does it make a downtown dweller a 'jerk' to ask for the same thing?

Does there need to be something else in place to help the ones who truly want help?
Definitely. The city of Nashville should have a big part in this, and, I think, eventually will. And for those who choose to live this way, for whatever reason, some rules in how they bump up against humanity are not bad.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Good-bye sweet, sweet freedom

On March 3rd, I'll go from being a footloose and fancy free temp to being permanent part-time at this big ol' institution type university.

Steady work
My very own office supplies!
Nice people
Office with a window
Possibility of traveling

Steady work - shouldn't I have a trust fund somewhere? I am toooo full of creative ideas to push pencils!
No time for writing and no space for it in my brain either. One of the bad parts of having to be all organized, there is no space for angst - which makes for great songs (sometimes)
My dog in a crate every day for 8 hours
House a mess (who has time to clean?!)
Cooking food becomes a bother when I'm tired from being at work all day

I am a musician!! This is like signing my soul over to Satan! Whatever happened to the days where I could live on a Barista's wage? Oh... Right...
A house, broken cars, debt...sigh. I hate being a grownup some days.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


If you are like me, you are totally baffled by the sheer amount of ways one can subscribe to a blog. I mean really! Every single website, including Yahoo, Google, and Live have their own version of it. But wait...! It not only slices and dices, it makes your eyes crossed!! I have been trying to sort this out in my spare time as each friend has a different feed service. 'Addthis', 'feedburner'. And HOW you get that info can be any one of (so far as I can tell, I have an inkling that there are more) three ways.
One, a reader.
Two, an email.
Three, on your homepage as a little widget (doo-dad).
After I had removed large clumps of hair from my head trying to sort this out, I boiled it down to this. Here is the semi-technical information and here is my version:
1. Someone somewhere writes something interesting that I'd like to read.
2. I go to their site and like what I read. I want to go there again, but hey, it's a crazy world, a crazy life. I need reminders!
3. I click on any number of random looking things that might remotely mention subscribing, but if this is there...well I know I'm on the right track. Those little icons let me choose where I want that cool little blurb on that groovy person's website to go.
4. There are 30+ ways to get that information to me including bloglines, yahoo, google, reddit, technorati, and many, many...many more. Even myspace and facebook let you have feeds on your page! I have found the easiest is to add them as a little doo-dad to my google home page when I log in to check my gmail. My neighbor has a reader and sends me fun things which I never check in my own reader because, lets face it, I have enough things to read in a day. I like to keep it simple.
5. Enter in the name of the website that I want to get my 'feed' from (if it's not automatically added from that site).
6. Click 'done'.
7. Read on my home page all the little snippets of fun that make my day a little brighter.

I know there are plenty of geeks out there rolling their eyes at my little explanation, but for the rest of us who are overwhelmed by the choices...give us a break!

Good morning, sun (son)...I am a bird

Everybody knows
It sucks to grow up
And everybody does
It's so weird to be back here
Let me tell you what
The years go on and
We're still fighting it,
we're still fighting it
And you're so much like me
I'm sorry.

~ Ben Folds Still Fighting It

Monday, February 18, 2008


The car broke. Then a beautiful thing happened (I'll get to it...). And then we got the bill.
I am currently wondering what on earth we are going to do. It may seem a small amount to some, but to me, right now, it might as well be $14,000.
Is there a plan here? Could you turn on the little light at the end of the tunnel? I'm in the dark and would love some hope.

plateia amerikis

plateia amerikis
Originally uploaded by ennajay
This is where I was born! (sort of) I've been looking for photos of the house where I was born and while I haven't found it yet, I've found a sign to there!
I'm a little more cheered up.

In the dumps

I had this great post about my weekend, but I'm in the dumps this morning. Why can't things be simple and sweet? Why do they always have to turn ugly? I am doing the best I can! Why is this not enough? Maybe I'll cheer up later.

Friday, February 15, 2008

No, No, No, No, NO!

I am going to cry.

Dewd! You found my Stash!

I forgot to post this earlier....Mr. Gizmo McSnorglekins was having just a lil too much fun this Christmas past. I tumped over the big chair to vacuum and found....his secret stash of doo-dads! Including Jingle-y Balls, Bottle Caps , Paper Wads, and Tree Ornaments! Sigh.

Avoid this couch!! (not ours...ours is now industrial strength)

We bought our furniture about 2+ years ago and it all came with a lovely warranty that lasted about a year. Two weeks before that warranty ended, we heard an ominous 'sproiiiiing.' Wouldn't you know it, a spring, or really a springy metal band popped loose. We had the tech out to fix it and sighed a sigh of relief. We thought we'd gotten it taken care of before it was too late. HA! Those little springy bands have kept popping off! One here, two there, I flip the couch over, remove the dust lining and put them back, and then staple the dust lining back on.

Then Christmas came. Lots of people sat on that couch through out the holiday season and my papa occupied it for afternoon naps. I knelt on the couch one afternoon to look at something behind the Christmas tree and "SPROOIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNGGG!" Almost half of the springy bands popped off! Since Christmas we have avoided that couch. There are other chairs in the living room and I didn't want to think about it! But tonight, friends are coming over and there is not enough room for them all without that couch. So we flipped it over, removed the (now shredded...thank you, cat!) dust liner and surveyed the damage.

Things I noticed about a Rooms To Go Couch:
1. The entire thing is constructed of pressboard (plywood!)
2. There was not a single nail in the whole thing. Only Large Staples
3. Whoever put this thing together was going for odds. In other words, if I shoot enough staples in here, maybe some of them will come in contact with the two things I am attempting to connect. (This didn't happen often)
4. Springy Bands SUCK! They make this horrible noise unless they are coated in plastic this little plastic bit and guess what happens when they come unhooked? You got it! The plastic bit goes flying and becomes instant cat toy.
5. It is hard to fix something right when it hasn't been made right in the first place!!
6. All in all, RTG couch is crap. I hope it makes it a few more years and then will become a dog couch.

The Geek and I, after MUCH railing against RTG and the crappy construction of the couch, finally came up with a solution involving wood screws and washers...don't ask. But the odds of those bands popping loose again are pretty slim now, thanks to the DIH (Do it herself) musician!! The price was high though. I bruised my sternum leaning over the bottom of the couch while wrestling with springy bands, and a couple of times they got loose and cut my forearms. Not to mention whatever padding they had in there I must be allergic to because my arms were red and rash-y for a few hours.

Now if we can just keep the cat from hiding our socks and underwear in his secret cat nest inside the couch!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ick - not to mention...who is this dude with a grease spot on his shirt?

I am torn about this. It's either 1. A great way to prevent people who are going to do it anyway from adding to the STD, AIDS, or BABY population, or 2. An amoral (at least in my opinion) ploy to get more people to have random casual sex in the city on V-day. Maybe both?

"Thursday, February 14, 2008, New York City:
Getting’ Some on Valentine’s Day, 2008

The New York City Department of Health launched a very cool new TV, radio and print ad campaign for condom distribution today with the official slogan: Get Some.
Today, the Department is dispersing street teams to meet commuters at busy crossroads around the city – including Union Square in Manhattan, the Atlantic Avenue station in Brooklyn, and 149th Street and Grand Concourse in the Bronx – to distribute the official new NYC Condom for Valentine’s Day, which was redesigned by Yves Behar, founder of the San Francisco-based design agency, fuseproject.

However, “despite its new packaging, the NYC Condom itself has not changed. The distinctive new wrapper contains the same lubricated Lifestyles latex condom that was in last year’s subway-themed package.”

Snow - you are such a tease

Happy Valentines Day to all of you and for those of you who think Valentines Day sucks and one should be miserable and ignore the manufactured Greeting Card conspiracy to make everyone celebrate in the sappiest way possible, I'm sorry. Happy Day anyway. It takes a lot to be that miserable. I should know. I used to be in your camp. It gave me heartburn to be that full of angst, so I couldn't stay there. I tried. The whole bitter, angst-y artist thing doesn't work for me. My mama said it best..."Girl, you are a red rubber ball! Nothing keeps you down for long."

But I digress. This post is about snow...or lack there of in Nashvegas. I was office bound while all the lovely swirl was happening outside so didn't get any photos. The photos above are from a couple of people who managed to get pictures yesterday on Flickr. Just so you can see the pitifulness of it after a few hours. The dusting we got was beautiful and made a white world outside my window, but didn't hang around. I know, for those of you in the north who say "snow is the WORST! I can't wait for it to go away, all the sludge, wet, and mess...", let me just say this: I grew up in Texas. 'Nuf said. I am never, ever, ever, going to get sick of it. I'll always think it's beautiful, even if I AM cold and I wish it had stayed. So there.

My...wasn't that petulant.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

International Rock Star...sort of

I love seeing who is reading (not all the gory details...don't worry, I'm not tracing you!) and where they are from. I added a little sidebar that shows the home flag of this weeks readers. I am so very international this week! I love it.

I need cool gum

I'm sure this is SOOO old news, but I ran across this web page today. Stride Gum send this guy all over the world to dance in a video, poorly I might add. And not a fancy video, one shot with his digital camera. Man! Wouldn't this be the BEST gig EVAAAR!!??! I so need a cool gum to sponsor me to do something fun.

Speaking of sponsor...coming soon. A way to 'Save the Music' on a more personal level. Are you excited? I am!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Beautiful Crowded Skies and Learning to be a friend

My friend and fellow musician put out her second of three books. This one is called “Crowded Skies – Letters to Manhattan.” (which you should read!!) The first one “Here’s to Hindsight – Letters to My Former Self,” (which you should read also! Not just cause I’m in it!) was a beautiful set of vignette type chapters about going where God was taking her and all her learning and adventures along the way. (in which she quoted one of my songs! v. exciting.) I am only a few chapters into the second one, but I have some things to say already.

I came to the part where she talked about moving from Nashville to NYC and all the signs she had pointing her direction. She wrote that when she packed up her stuff to move to the City nearly three years ago, she only had 2 friends show up to help. I was not one of those two friends. Although I have made amends for being a crappy friend and firmly planting my head up the bum of my spouse when we got married, and not only made amends, but have regained a friendship with her, I am sad that I was once in that category of people who didn’t make time for her when she came off the road. I had all the reasons in the world, but that doesn’t make it right.

At the time, I remember the frustration I felt when she did come in town, but only had an hour or two to spend with me and usually cancelled at the last minute for (this was the story in my head) someone cooler or more helpful to her career than me, after I had rearranged my day to meet her. After a few times of that, decided that I didn’t want to make time for her. Here’s the catch though: I never spoke that frustration to her. I never called her out on the times she hurt my feelings. I let it pass and eventually she moved away.

If community is something I want to practice, I have to be willing to say the hard things. By not speaking up and not wanting to make her angry or hurt, I lost a friend, (at least until I got off my butt and earned her friendship back) and have done this time and again in years past. I assume, write a script in my head for what’s really going on between us and if it gets too hard, I give up. I’ll just call a spade a spade here and say that I’ve never been very good at being a friend. I either smother them with my neediness, feel slightly (subconsciously) superior and thus ignore them, or bend over backwards to “do” and “make time” and then feel used when they don’t give back in the same way. Not really room for connecting intimately (by that, I mean being seen, heard and know and seeing, hearing and knowing the other person) is there?

So either I sit firmly in the role of victim of the universe and am alone, or I speak up, say what I need, show my weaknesses and have real friends. I’m learning to do the second one. I suck at it too! I’m afraid of hurting people and of being hurt, so I often retreat to my corner, write angst-y songs about it all and then eventually creep out to try again. For those of you who are standing by me in this process, thank you. I’m getting better and that’s all I can do.

BTW, just a little FYI: I also wrote the song called Search Me which became Track #8, after we rewrote it a little to made it fit her, for the album that goes with the first book. It's called Here's to Hindsight and is available on her website, here.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Aaargg!! The Pressure of being tagged!!!

I don’t know seven other bloggers to tag, but I’ll do my best here.

  1. I’m a former Opera singer. I’ll say, not in a prideful way, that I frickin’ rocked! I have a recording to prove it!
  2. I have an unnatural (and yet not so unexplainable) fear of sharks. Even pictures of sharks make my blood pressure go up. I tried looking at pictures of them to get over it, but I just ended up freaking myself out.
  3. I am secretly girly. (twirly skirts were big with me when I was a kid. Still kind of are)
  4. I envy the fact that men can grow beards and completely change the way they look! I don’t actually WANT facial hair, but I’d like to mix it up now and then in the look department. A haircut only goes so far and I’m not willing to become blonde. On this subject, why is it that men get “distinguished” as they age and women turn into saggy old bean bags? I have a beef with the designer about that.
  5. I dream in IMAX. If I could hook up a machine to my head and record my dreams, I would be the richest script writer ever! This being said, I never watch scary movies because they would come out as VERY scary and REAL dreams. I remember once dreaming something sad and then walking around half the day all depressed until I remembered that it was something I had dreamed and not reality.
  6. I almost drowned while white water rafting the Ura Bamba river in the Andes Mountains of Peru.
  7. I’m destined to become the family historian. Mostly because I take the pictures and do the genealogy research. It’s a hobby of mine. I have lots of hobbies. Knitting, sewing, being a rock star, baking, photography, bike riding, blogging…it’s endless, really.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Catch backward in time

Where to begin! It’s been a long month.

I’m going to make past blog entries on the actual day they happened, so it’ll be like traveling backward in time.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Yipe! A MONTH since my last post?

Sorry all you readers. My computer began doing the blue screen of death and I got a bit preoccupied with backing EVERYTHING UP! I then took it in to the BIG BOX store and guess what...I get it replaced...FOR FREE!! Thanks No Lemon Policy! This is it's 4th major repair and the Big Box Store is going to let me pick out a new one. Since mine only had a fabulous 60 gig of hard drive, anything they give me will be an upgrade. But I've been without it for so long, so no pictures and I have to wait for DH to give me compy time on his machine which you other W.o.W. widows understand is like pulling teeth...out of cement! But soon, hopefully today, I'll resume my blogging ways and then...just you wait Enry Iggins. It'll be great!
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