Friday, March 26, 2010

MOMS Club of East Nashville

It has been total radio silence around here with just a few little blips on the line here and there.  I know.  Slacker blogger.  I'm feeling much better these days, though.  So a friend (who's baby, coincidentally is mama to the lump-a-lishious BFF to Cora who I keep 3 days/week at my house) and I have been working on a website for my local MOMS Club, which has been a lifeline to Cora and I.  (and perhaps to my husband as well, but not directly.  Without them, it is possible I would be sucking the life out of my husband in some attempt to have adult interaction!) 

I can't tell you how fun it has been to have people like me in some ways and not like me in many other ways around as I stumble down this path called motherhood.  I can't recommend them highly enough.  Also, their web gurus are pretty awesome too.  ;)  Check out our work!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring, you tease

 You fool me (and my trees!) every year with your warm weather and you birds singing, but I know you don't mean it.  You are just teasing me.  So what if the sun is shining!  So what if I can't bear to wear shoes!  If I try to plant something, you will hide your face again and send one last frost in your place.  Maybe even some snow!! As sacrilegious as that might be at this point, I know you are not above it. 

So I will content myself with the little things and wait until after Easter to put my little seeds in the ground.  I know, I should be content that I don't live in Canada or something where one must wear a coat until May, but seriously.  I've been patient through multiple snows this year!!  I need the vitamin D from a natural source, so please Spring, can you stop being such a tease and just get here already?  OK.  I'm glad we had this talk.  And if you don't mind, pass it on to your friend Summer to think about not broiling our faces off come June, will ya?  KTHNX!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The tradition continues - storytime with 'Hunka Deeb'

Storytime with 'Hunka Deeb' aka Uncle Steve is a long standing tradition in the Terrell (and now the Evans) household.  There were many a summer night of my childhood spent piled up on the couch with siblings, chin in hand as we listened while Uncle Steve, now known affectionately as G.U.S. (Great Uncle Steve) read to us such classics as The B.F.G, or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  (He was very into Dahl.)  It was such a gift to have the joy of reading instilled in me at a young age.  So when he came over for supper tonight and Cora got to read a few books with him at bedtime, I couldn't help but snap a bunch of photos. 

Cora thought it was pretty terrific too.  Thanks 'Hunka Deeb'!

Monday, March 08, 2010

Weekending and Walking!

Just a few highlights from the weekend.

Walking! (finally for real!!  She has been walking between Matt and I for awhile, but has not yet tried it on her own)

Chatting on the phone - in panties!!  Potty training is progressing quite nicely.

Papa, taking a break and snuggle with Bear (Not staged, I swear)

Last, but not least, this child LOVES beets.  Really.  Who even LIKES beets, much less loves them.  Sigh.
Happy Monday!

Friday, March 05, 2010

At the Heart

Lest you think this blog is about knitting, sewing, cooking, or being a mama, let me reassure you that the heart of this blog is about living with and loving this fella I call the Geek (aka Matt, my dear, sweet , understanding hubs).  The crafting, cooking, opinions, and parenting are just outgrowths of our little life together.  And seeing as how we are so different, I'm just gonna tell you, it's not always a walk in the park around here.  I mean really.  I could also call this blog the Steam-roller and the Stone-waller or The Razz-a-ma-tazz and the Shuffle (if he danced, which he doesn't...much...lately...but I'm still cajoling)

That being said, the art of saying "I'm Sorry" reigns around here.  We do it a lot.  Stepped on toes, bruised egos, misunderstandings, totally not listenings...we have them...often...although not as often as when we first got hitched.  Perhaps somewhere in the world there are magical couples who just 'get each other', or 'understand without saying a word', or who never fight.  Yeah.  I don't know those people.  If you have to say I'm sorry, why not do it with a little flare?  Humor seems to work well with us.  I found this website recently which is very fun.

I've been thinking of someone who I owe an apology to lately.  For once it's not the Geek!  I'm sending that message out to that person right now.  It is long overdue.  My pride got in the way for a long time and my apology may be rejected, but it is the right thing to do.  Life is too short to live with walls in between me and the ones I love. 

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Easter Sewing Sneak Peak

I don't know about you, but my making of things goes in seasons.  In the Winter, I want to curl up with a good book on CD and knit my heart out.  In the spring, it's garden dreams and sewing with still a little knitting and crocheting.  Summer, it is too hot to knit without running the air at full or sweating all over my projects, so it's sewing and cooking, tomatoes on the vine and toes in the grass.  Fall brings yarn back to me and I'm dreaming of sweaters again.

This Spring, in homage to my Grandmother - Kathy Terrell, I am making Cora's first Easter dress.  I don't think it even crossed my mind last year!  Ah well.  Every year, Gramma would go buy reams of cloth to make all of the children in my family (7) matching (yes, matching - think Von Trapps) Easter clothes.  At the time, I hated it.  I was a chubby little kid and the clothes never fit quite right and to cover my chubby arms, Gramma would sew me a jacket.  And by Easter, in Texas, it is HOT.  Who wants to wear a jacket and sweat your way through church?  But the idea behind it, and the work she put in was beautiful and sweet.  And now I start my tradition with Cora.  (Much to her chagrin, I'm sure, since she probably won't like the bonnet. Hats are fun to look at, not to wear.  Same with shoes.)

The pattern is a re-printed vintage 50's pattern with, yes, a matching bonnet.  How could I resist?  If there is enough time, I may just knit her a little sweater to go with it.  Oh, and that lovely avocado green linen table cloth beneath it all?  99cents at the thrift store.  Hurrah!

Monday, March 01, 2010

35 and still my favorite guy

The Geek (aka Matt) turned 35 today.  We celebrated this weekend with a very fun dinner party/rock band party with friends.  It was good to have something light and fun after weeks of hard days.  I won't talk about that any more right now, though.  This post belongs to my favorite guy.

There are so many things I love about this guy.  He's the best Papa ever to our little girl.  You should see them cook in her play kitchen.  Seriously.  I can hardly stand the cuteness.  Let's not even discuss marathon rounds of itsy bitsy spider!  It's a joy to watch him be a father.

I could brag on this guy for ages, but most of it is too sappy for this blog, so I'll just wish him a very happy birthday and show you fun pictures taken by our friend Paul (and sometimes by me with Paul's camera which I seriously covet.  Actually it's the lens that I covet.) And then I'll go write him a sappy love letter so he knows how I really feel about him.

Cookie Cake by me. Pillsbury Cookie chub, squish into a cookie sheet, bake at 350 for 12-18 minutes. Decorate. Seriously. That easy!! And the reversed numbers?? I kid! I kid!!
My very own guitar hero. Squeal!!
(Cora did the drums for the rock band party.  Ha!)

And a few of the cuteness, because I can't resist.

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