Friday, March 05, 2010

At the Heart

Lest you think this blog is about knitting, sewing, cooking, or being a mama, let me reassure you that the heart of this blog is about living with and loving this fella I call the Geek (aka Matt, my dear, sweet , understanding hubs).  The crafting, cooking, opinions, and parenting are just outgrowths of our little life together.  And seeing as how we are so different, I'm just gonna tell you, it's not always a walk in the park around here.  I mean really.  I could also call this blog the Steam-roller and the Stone-waller or The Razz-a-ma-tazz and the Shuffle (if he danced, which he doesn't...much...lately...but I'm still cajoling)

That being said, the art of saying "I'm Sorry" reigns around here.  We do it a lot.  Stepped on toes, bruised egos, misunderstandings, totally not listenings...we have them...often...although not as often as when we first got hitched.  Perhaps somewhere in the world there are magical couples who just 'get each other', or 'understand without saying a word', or who never fight.  Yeah.  I don't know those people.  If you have to say I'm sorry, why not do it with a little flare?  Humor seems to work well with us.  I found this website recently which is very fun.

I've been thinking of someone who I owe an apology to lately.  For once it's not the Geek!  I'm sending that message out to that person right now.  It is long overdue.  My pride got in the way for a long time and my apology may be rejected, but it is the right thing to do.  Life is too short to live with walls in between me and the ones I love. 

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Erin said...

This site cracks me up. I must have sent half a dozen since you turned me on to it. Thanks for the link!

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