Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still here - bandwidth wars

This picture-less post is brought to you by the Geek and his bandwidth hogging, working from home lately ways.  I'm still here, still snapping photos like crazy, but the battle of the bandwidth is ever present at my house.  The only time I have free to blog, or upload photos is after the kids (one of whom no longer naps) are in bed and since that doesn't happen in the daytime (see previous nap comment), it happens at night.  But the Geek is home at night, and inevitably, on his computer.  So I put off uploading so I don't have to clear it with him before hand.  Granted, I could plan better and put everything on the flickr uploadr with nice labels etc, but I'm the MUSICIAN half of this equation, so just read "non-planner" as a descriptive...mmmkay? 

Darling, if you are reading this, I love you.  I really, really, really do.  Can I please have some photo uploading time?  Kthnx!

(I can try blame it all on him, but it's me really; the slacker blogger who can't get it together lately.  Sorry.  I've done projects and taken pictures, I promise!  And I'll get back on the stick soon.  And you won't believe how big and beautiful the kids have gotten in the last month!  Delicious, I tell ya!)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Halloween is all crammed in there with Cora's birthday celebration so we just go with it.  Her birthday activities usually have a lot to do with costumes and fall themed fun.  This year was not much different.  We went as characters from Shaun the Sheep, at Cora's request.  I was Timmy's mom, Judah was Timmy, Matt was Shaun and Cora wanted to be Shirley.  I didn't have black socks so everyone wore wool socks.  I thought that was appropriate! (Costumes are just black shirts and pants, a tunic sewn from some white wooly material from Jo-ann Fabric, plus black $1 hats with black felt ears stitched on.  Mine is fancy with "rollers" made from toilet paper tubes painted pink.)
IMG_3325 IMG_3323
Matt herding the sheep toward our neighborhood Trick or Treat gathering.  (Matt's dad and step-mom also pictured)

And of course there is the requisite pumpkin carving, headed up by the Papa, himself. Cora always wants a happy jack-o-lantern, so here he is along with the carving and "helping" which boiled down to Cora drawing on herself with a Sharpie after the eyes and mouth were chosen. And a shot of me and the kids that Matt totally photobombed.
IMG_3395 IMG_3399 IMG_3404 IMG_3393
Happy Halloween!
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