Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Halloween is all crammed in there with Cora's birthday celebration so we just go with it.  Her birthday activities usually have a lot to do with costumes and fall themed fun.  This year was not much different.  We went as characters from Shaun the Sheep, at Cora's request.  I was Timmy's mom, Judah was Timmy, Matt was Shaun and Cora wanted to be Shirley.  I didn't have black socks so everyone wore wool socks.  I thought that was appropriate! (Costumes are just black shirts and pants, a tunic sewn from some white wooly material from Jo-ann Fabric, plus black $1 hats with black felt ears stitched on.  Mine is fancy with "rollers" made from toilet paper tubes painted pink.)
IMG_3325 IMG_3323
Matt herding the sheep toward our neighborhood Trick or Treat gathering.  (Matt's dad and step-mom also pictured)

And of course there is the requisite pumpkin carving, headed up by the Papa, himself. Cora always wants a happy jack-o-lantern, so here he is along with the carving and "helping" which boiled down to Cora drawing on herself with a Sharpie after the eyes and mouth were chosen. And a shot of me and the kids that Matt totally photobombed.
IMG_3395 IMG_3399 IMG_3404 IMG_3393
Happy Halloween!

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Thesupermanns said...

Yall were the cutest sheep family. Love it. I also love the mural you did in her room??!!! amazing. Happy birthday Cora..

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