The Musician and the Geek began as a humble 'News of our little family' blog, and has since grown into something else.  Mostly my opinions, some photos of the cuteness (our kiddos: Cora, born 2008 and Judah, born 2011), crafts, cooking, yarn, and life.  Sometimes a bit about the city we live in; Nashvegas (Nashville), TN.  I hope you like what you read here and come back to visit often.  I usually post M-F, with weekends off, but if I don't post here for awhile, you'll know I'm busy with snuggles, dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, coloring, building things, designing the occasional website for someone, and cooking (I also may be knitting and listening to a book on CD.)  I like to pretend like this is my 'job', but really my job is being a Mama to our children, which, in my opinion, is much harder!

The Musician aka Ariana

The Geek aka Matt (who doesn't post here, but is the subject of lots of posts.  Handsome, eh?  Check out that eyebrow!!)

Our little bird, Cora (born 2008)
And now two - Cora plus Judah (born 2011)
Cumberland Park
 Never a dull moment
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