Friday, December 09, 2005

A change in the wind

Well, it's a strange season. I (Ariana) have been making music and going to shows and writing a ton! So much to do, so little time. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with it comes my brother's wedding. I might be able to shoot some video of it. I am trying to learn how to put video up on the net. So I am singing at his wedding too and I am still learning one of the songs. Get on the Ball!!!! I know!!!! I also have begun to be involved with 3 new things. The first is Girl Scouts. I am hoping to assist a troup soon of Juniors. I have not begun yet, but I will post more as it progresses. The second thing is a product of the first thing. I have begun to be involved with the neighborhood community center. I noticed how segregated our neighborhood was. We live in the big fat middle of a bunch of high minded liberals and for them not to be involved was just wrong. So I got on the list serves and gave them a big dish of guilt, in my usual funny and charming way, and I have gotten a ton of pledges for food for Thanksgiving to give to families in the neighborhood! It is only the beginning. Mwwaaahahaha. I love seeing change and I love being a part of it. The third thing is that I tried to make the whole quitting my job and just writing thing work for about a month and I realized that budget-wise and sanity wise, I just couldn't do it. I need to keep my hands busy! So I started my own business so I can do the things I love, yet still make some moola. I am a Temp Nanny! (Check out my site on the sidebar) I have about 20 clients who can book me for blocks of time and I show up, make like a babysitter and leave. No commitment, no strings. I have free time! I could work 50 hours a week if I really wanted to! My weekday times fill up fast and I love the change from day to day.
Oh and a 4th thing too!! I am back on Weight Watchers. Brutal scale told me that it was time. But this week I lost 4.2 lbs on the core plan! I am loving it!! I feel pretty happy these days. I know this post has been all me (blah blah me, me me blah, me me blah blah me) But who else do I know better than myself. More news will come. Don't worry!
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