Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring, you tease

 You fool me (and my trees!) every year with your warm weather and you birds singing, but I know you don't mean it.  You are just teasing me.  So what if the sun is shining!  So what if I can't bear to wear shoes!  If I try to plant something, you will hide your face again and send one last frost in your place.  Maybe even some snow!! As sacrilegious as that might be at this point, I know you are not above it. 

So I will content myself with the little things and wait until after Easter to put my little seeds in the ground.  I know, I should be content that I don't live in Canada or something where one must wear a coat until May, but seriously.  I've been patient through multiple snows this year!!  I need the vitamin D from a natural source, so please Spring, can you stop being such a tease and just get here already?  OK.  I'm glad we had this talk.  And if you don't mind, pass it on to your friend Summer to think about not broiling our faces off come June, will ya?  KTHNX!

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