Saturday, September 16, 2006

Labor Day and Ernesto to boot!

Well, another year off to Southport, NC and now it's home again, home again jiggity jog. We flew into the airport at Raleigh and had to wait 3 hours for my bag to get off the plane. Matt carried on and he had his with him. There was supposedly lightning on the tarmac and they wouldn't let anyone out there to take the luggage off. Then it rained for the next 2 days and the power went out! Good thing it didn't last all the time we were there. Ernesto blew through and left the next day a bright and sunny but with wild waves. We rented mopeds for the day and drove all over Oak Island, but swimming was not an option unless we wanted to find ourselves halfway out to England. The next day we rented the mopeds again and had a grand swim in the ocean. It was lovely. Matt's dad and step-mom put us up at their lake house and we played board games every night and watched movies. Anyway, it's home again for us and to our surprise we found that it had turned Autumn while we were gone! It's been lovely ever since.

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