Thursday, June 18, 2009

We love to fly and it..zzzzzzzzz

So the baby bear and I are on a whirl wind adventure to visit family in TX and for me to be the music director at a camp. The squidoot has yet to meet all of her cousins, aunts, uncles, great-aunts, great-uncles, grampa, great-grampa etc, etc on my side. The only one she met was my mama (her gramma) when she came to help me right after the baby was born. Brace yourself baby! It's a hoard!

I spent weeks thinking about what to pack, wrote a list, packed and re-packed several times, trying to cut things out, and add in what I'd forgotten. It had to all fit in my rolling suitcase 'cause there was NO WAY I was going to drag a duffel back behind me and the stroller. I planned it all so perfectly...And still I had too much stuff! Now I know. A small bag for her with diaper accouterments, a blankie, baby food and milk, and my phone and ID are perfect. What I had was a big honkin' monster bag to hold all of the stuff that wouldn't fit in my rolling suitcase. While that was fine for foot loose and fancy free, no kid me, it did not work for me and the baby bear. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers who understand a mama traveling with a baby alone! They helped us put the bag in the overhead storage bin, folded up my stroller when I had my hands full and were very kind. The airport even has a new policy where a 'helper' can help a mama traveling with children all the way to the gate! That was a very nice treat. It has been years since the Geek has been able to walk me to my gate. I like it!

Apart from the over-packing we only had one tiny melt-down on the first BNA to DFW leg and the kind flight attendant directed us to our own ROW, near the engines. For once I was glad of the loud roar of the plane. Think white noise! The DFW to GGG leg got a whole lot shorter now that they have jets. We were barely up before we began our descent! We are now safe and sound in Texas. Let the family fest begin!

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Kendra & Tobin Kirk said...

Glad you made it with not too much trouble.

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