Monday, June 07, 2010

Bath-time for Bunnies

Cora has this favorite bunny and since she and I are packing up for a long trip to Texas, I thought it was time for Bunny's first bath to wash off nearly 20 months of snuggles, snot, and whatever else this bunny has become covered in.  I'm so glad she agreed to snuggle her Bear for nap-time today since Bunny wasn't yet dry.

Also, just to mention in passing, we have been accident free for days!  Cora loves her new panties that she got in the mail from Potty Patty.  My goal was to be done by 18 months and we are very, very close.  All that is left is night-time training and nap-time!  I'm so glad we started this journey early.  There is no bribing with candy or tears about potty time, she just accepts it as part of her life and it's pretty nice to not have to wash diapers any more.  Well...not as many.  We are down to one a day, if nap-time goes well.

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Kendra & Tobin Kirk said...

We are working on potty training Wyatt too. He knows what it is now and will even say "dotty" when you ask him if he wants to go sit on the potty. For being so young, he is doing pretty good. I'm just trying to incorporate it into everyday living and not trying to be so hard core about it. But it will be so nice when I can say we are down to one diaper a day.

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