Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Thankful Heart

In my usual style, I planned too much for Thanksgiving.  My parents were coming to visit, there was a guest room to set up, food to prepare, a baby to grow and my daughter to care for, not to mention squeezing in a little time with my sweet husband.  But I decided that we needed to invite a crowd for Thanksgiving lunch.  I swear.  Sometimes I lose my mind!

In the end, it all turned out alright.  There was much food, much fun, the children played, the grownups ate until stuffed and our home was filled with conversation and laughter.  It was beautiful.  And then I took a nap!  I am so thankful for the gift of a home to share, a husband that lovingly tolerates my perpetual chaos (sorry babe!), for family and friends, for my health and so much abundance that I have to give it away, both in love and hospitality.

The rest of my parent's visit was spent in a relaxing way with pumpkin pie for breakfast, making cookies (pictures are from the cookie making), watching Christmas movies, decorating, and in general having good conversations face to face with my dear parents.
They brought my niece, who is 5, with them and she and Cora played so well together!
Actually, Cora was so independent of me that I felt a little at a loss without her constantly at my side talking to me and saying 'want up' and 'hold you' and 'Cora help you?'.

  So I am full and happy and grateful.  Happy (late) Thanksgiving.

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Jean said...

Oh Ariana - I haven't visited in FOREVER and I'm so glad I finally did! How wonderful life is for you now. =) So much good news!

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