Sunday, September 11, 2011

Covenant Child (number 2)

On August 7th, our small boy was baptized at our church.  People have lots of opinions on this and while we don't believe this is a sign of his salvation, we do believe that we, his parents, and the church make a covenant (with water) to point this little guy to Christ.  It was a sweet time with family and a small group of friends to celebrate.  Then later, at the service, we got to celebrate our covenant child, Judah with our family of believers.  (complete with gown that I made for him, in spite of Geek protests.  Sorry honey!  It's traditional, not girly.  I swear!) We love you, little guy!

By the way, these photos DID NOT happen on August 7th, but about a week later, after I had washed the sweet potato spit up out of his gown. Just so you don't go round thinkin' I'm on top of things.

Judah's Baptism Judah's Baptism Judah's Baptism Judah's Baptism Cora and Judah August 2011

1 comment:

The Morginskys said...

such a beautiful gown! you could make a TON of money selling those on etsy! and i bet you made that quilt too! beautiful!!!!

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