Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Blocks and Cans of Soup

The kiddos are gorgeous.  Gorgeously snotty and sick, but still gorgeous.  Judah is this 'all boy' phase where he stomps around the house, usually carrying something heavy, hollaring about whatever pre-verbal nearly 14 month old boys have to hollar about.  Not mad, not sad, just loud.  He "comes by it honest", as they say where I am from.  He is into everything and his favorite thing lately is to raid my pantry so at night when I am putting things away that were forgotten, I usually find blocks and some Cream of Mushroom soup lurking under a chair.  Unopened cans are, in his opinion, perfect playthings.  They stack, they are heavy, the roll.  What more could a kid ask for? He is at this moment, in fact, siting with a plastic drum on his head, yelling at me about it.  In spite of the flushed cheeks, the rivers of snot, and the general feeling crummy, he still has stuff to do. 

Cora is learning how to skype with her grandparents and is further lost in her imaginative play.  Her daytime 'rest', because she gave up napping long ago, is filled with dressing up Bear and Bunny in her own clothes, cloths, scarves, underwear, whatever.  They have big adventures together.  Her imagination extends to the night when I am sometimes awakened by her crying and half awake telling me her floor is made of goo and she can't get out or other various situations.  No way this kid is getting anywhere near scary movies or shows.  Matt says she has my imagination and I suffer from nightmares if I am exposed to scary movies.  Even Dr. Who makes me have crazy dreams. (but I watch anyway!!)

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