Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mama's Day

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I'll admit to you, dear reader, that I have been a selfish person.  I have approached Mother's Day with expectations, mostly from my hubs, and when greeted with my expectations and ultimately disappointment because he can't fulfill them, he just gave up.  Who could blame him?  I'm pretty hard to please, sometimes.

This year when Mother's Day approached I went to my journal to read what I wrote last year, and I shamefully admit I was hoping to find a little ammunition to aim at my sweet Geek to guilt him into making this Mother's Day awesome, since last year had been a bust (aren't I the sweetest?  Ahem...).  But I must have been having a good day that day because I found this.

Sunday, May 7, 2011
Mother's Day

"I'm realizing that I have a choice about how to see my special days.  Matt is not going to get up early, think ahead much, or even get me a card, and I can either be sour about it or I can celebrate with my two beautiful children who are the real gift of the day.  I am so grateful to have happy, healthy children. I pray they grow up in knowledge and wisdom and that they may know God at a young age.  May the defects and trouble we create in them with our mistakes only serve to drive them closer to God."

So this morning when I woke up to heavy rain, a leaking roof, cranky everybody, and an entitled feeling in my heart, I made an effort to choose a different path for myself.  I wasn't perfect and I did sulk just a smidge, but all to myself, and I enjoyed the day so very much!  I read books to my littles when they woke up at dawn rather than wondering where my breakfast in bed was.  We had breakfast together. We went to church with friends and had a great time.  We all (excluding Cora, of course) took naps.  Glorious long afternoon naps while the rain poured outside.  It was just sweet.  And then at the end of the day, Matt returned a redbox movie and came home with a card, just for me.  And I love it.  Happy Mother's Day!

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