Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Beckon Lovely 12/12/12 - a reply from Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Way, way on back (months last forever around here), I sent a letter out to the internet-o-sphere, (and through the actual post) to Amy Krouse Rosenthal about the film she released on 11/11/11 (and then promptly retracted 5 days later).  A silly thing, a sincere thing, a sorta fangirl thing, a request.  To bring the film back! Pop on over and read it.  I'll wait.

Did you read it?  Well not too many days later I got this!!  A letter from Amy KR! 

Beckon Lovely

Beckon Lovely

Included was a transcript of a TEDx talk she was going to deliver on 12/11/12 entitled 'Beckon Lovely and Save the World'.  Imagine my giddiness!  And yet, I had to keep it on the D.L. so as not to spoil her surprise.

So go on over and give her TEDxTalk a listen.  It's OK.  I'll wait.  I'm patient like that.

And now, it's time.  To make lovely.  To call it into your life, into your relationships, into your heart, into your words.  And what better time than now, in the Advent season, when lovely is all around us?   As we anticipate the coming of the light and the celebration of the coming of the Light of the world, Jesus.

Amy's call to action is to "Make the most of your time here" and I couldn't agree more.  Plant your post-its with me and let's bring on the loveliness!

Beckon Lovely

Here's the lovely that Cora and I made together today, as gifts to bring loveliness to others.


What's your lovely?


Alana said...

so i just watched her TEDx talk and i'm confused, for sure.

i wanted to like it...but i didn't.

i don't get it. she seems kinda 'out there.'

help me understand what she is talking about/what her agenda is/what you think it's all about.

maybe i need to read other things she wrote?

Michelle Forlines said...

Candles in china tea cups? Great idea and pretty.

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