Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Coming out of hibernation : : A Winter Recap

Warning....Photo bomb!

It has been a long, long, cold winter.  I'm currently popping vitamin D just to say ahead of the dark and gloomy days.  Spring is just around the corner and I am OH, SO GRATEFUL for that.

We had some rough times this winter.

Our cat (Gizmo) went to live with family members.
Someone needed a hug 

Our dog (Freckles) went to heaven to steal pizza crusts from the heavenly hosts during family movie night.

The pipes froze, several times.
We had wild weather with tornado warnings. We hung out in our "safe place".
J in his safe place

And we spent most of February sick.  Almost all of us. Boo.  (But we snuggled everyone a lot.)
In our bed all night sick baby will only sleep with papa

Not that we haven't had a good time around here.

There were heaps of good books.

Little girls totally overawed by teen ballerinas.
Cora with the sugar plum fairy - Mini Nutcracker

Chores turned into fun by hilarious kiddos.
Hilarious chore time

A baby "baptism", or dedication, if you will

"Snow" days. (A small dusting, a few times)

Fabulous holidays with far off family come to visit.

Wonderfully terrible Christmas photos. (Seriously.  Not a good one in the bunch.  They remind me of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs.)

A 3rd Birthday.

Amazing art projects.
Art - helmet required Epic art Projects by C

Epic sheet forts.

A ballet recital.

The ever blossoming friendship between these two.
big sister comforts little brother C and J - classic

And these two.

And these two.

And a whole lot of this wonderful girl, who is growing up on me, all sneaky-like, when I'm not looking.  My right hand gal, my perpetual conversationalist, my snuggler, my inventor, and queen bee/gang ringleader of this rabble.
fancy girl

And this boy, who is the sweetest boy.  Who is my guy, my wild boy, my tenderhearted, fearless one.

And this baby boy, who is amazingly strong, non stop motion, giggly sweetness, and mischief.  He has charmed us all!
IMG_8077 IMG_7761 IMG_7594

And this guy.  My heart.  My love.

Who is just IN it with this parenting stuff!

 On the whole, we made it. We survived. Now March...enough of this Lion business, I am ready for the Lamb.

All three babies 
One more.  Just for good measure.

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