Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Dear Cora,

Before too many more days pass.  Before I forget who you are right now, in this moment.  Before you grow one more millimeter taller, let me just say that you are pretty fabulous.

Six years is a short/long time and we have been up hill and down hill.  You have struggled to find your voice and struggled to feel good in your own skin with what seemed like an unending battle with eczema.  Now that seems to be winding down.  You started school.  You thrived on it.  You learned to read! (Your first book was "I am a Princess."  How fitting.

I met you at your school for lunch and marveled at how kids from all the classes called your name as you walked by. "Cora!  Hi, Cora!"  I looked at your Papa and said, "I think our girl is...popular."  So strange to think about considering how hard I had to work to pry you off of my leg for the first two years of your life.

You love to make art.  You came home from school on picture day as blue as a smurf, but oh how we love you anyway.  (and luckily the pictures were BEFORE art class)  You love to write notes and mail them to friends.  You find new things adventurous now!  You were recorded as a "voice actor" this week and you loved it.  Your brother was worried for you, but you were amazing and worked hard at it.

I will admit that I am still sad that you are gone so much of the day and I miss all the ways that you shine and sparkle when you learn new things.  I know how much you love to be there.  I love the way you care for others, especially Peter who looks up at you with his little brother eyes and loves, loves, loves you.  You have such a sweet way with him.

I love how you and Judah are pals.  Friends in adventures together.  I love how you encourage him and how together you are stronger.

I love your fashion sense.  I love how you love to be a little bit fancy, but still sensible of how hard you will play later.  You grow lovelier every day, in heart and mind and spirit. And for that I am so grateful.


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