Thursday, February 24, 2005

Happy New Year and Valentines Day...all of them later than usual. Matt and I are nearly a month into each of our new jobs and with new jobs come new stresses, but also benefits. We decided to up and move to a bigger place on the other side of town, leaving behind our old haunts in the 12th South district. Cant say that we are terribly thrilled about having to drive to our old coffee shops rather than walk, but you pay a price for 2 bedrooms...literally. Have a peak at our contact page for our new address. Now we have room for guests!!
Matt is coming up soon on his 30th birthday with a mixture of excitement and dread. Though Doc Brown thought 30 years was a nice round number...Matt is not in that camp. I still think he is fabulous and I am sure that wont change with age. (His SUPRISE PARTY went off without a hitch!! Check it out!)
So we have been exploring east Nashville and quite a few of our friends live over here, making it easier to be social. I guess there is nothing like your first place together though and so we miss it.

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