Monday, March 14, 2005

Family Wedding!!

We've just returned from Mari-Carmen's (Ariana's younger sister) wedding and can you believe it, we drove to Texas and home!! What were we thinking. Actually, Ariana had some clearing out to do at her Mama and Papa's house,(old dolls and books and random boxes of clothing from college) and we needed the trunk room to get it all home. Now if we could just get it put away! The wedding was so beautiful, as was my sister and Matt and I helped and stayed up late getting things ready. I think I still smell of LAVENDER! Or at least my underwear drawer will for awhile with all the little packets I took home. Our drive was made very enjoyable by a wonderful book on tape called "THE 13 GUN SALUTE" By the late Patrick O'Brian. Part of a wonderful series that has been made into a film called "Master and Commander." All the swashing and buckleing a person could want!! It was so great to see family and catch up on everything. My oldest sister Shiloh has added a third to her brood, Josiah and he is a cutie. It was the first time I had seen him in person. Caleb and Faith, her other children are so talkative and have personality practically coming out of their ears!! Check out the pictures!

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