Monday, May 02, 2005

Life and Times

Where shall I begin?! I finally got the site up and done and posted and etc etc etc...It took an age!! We saw Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy and loved it. Not exactly like the book but fun and funny anyway. The guy who plays 'Zaphod' is 'Guy' from Galaxy quest. We had a good laugh over that. Well, it's nearly official. We have selected a new apartment (STAY PUT, WOULD YA??) I can just hear you saying that. Don't worry. Our current address and contact info will always be posted here. We can't ever escape! AAARRRRGGG!!! Not even if we wanted to. There are all kinds of photos up now, after over a year of none but the sad ole Matt and Ariana one. It's like a deluge! We have a digital camera and you will probably see photos that you might think to yourself, "why didn't they delete this??" But here you are, stuck with us. I can't quite give up the film yet, so there will always be those artsy photos in the big middle of it all. Perhaps this is my answer to why I was always so CRAP at scrap-booking. I just needed to find my medium. Because really, after I am gone, who is going to look at all that cutesy paper and think, "Wow." I just can't justify it! (They will more than likely be pitched by our children who will by then be good and sick of having a packrat for a mom, because I am sure to drive them crazy with it!!) Perhaps I am just cheap. Perhaps I just don't have the attention span for it. Who knows. So the news is we found a lovely 2 bedroom for only $525 with windows galore and lots of space for all the aforementioned junk-fest that I have going on. Honestly, I just need some shelves, if I could just have some shelves. Bookcases actually. It is in an old apartment building built in 1906, with a fallout shelter in the back! Who knows if we will need that, but it can't hurt to be prepared. We are hoping to look at it one last time next week before we lay our moo-la on the line, but I am pretty sure that its a keeper.

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