Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A new neighborhood, a new place...mmmm

Happy 4th!! We have been moving, AGAIN!! I know, I know. But this time we think we finally found the spot. Even our first night in the new place, we both turned to each other and said, This already feels like home. Our building is the Belvedere Building and it holds 12 little flats with 2 bedrooms each. Ours is by far the coolest! But we are biased. It has a courtyard with year round sparkly lights in the trees, tall ceilings, dark wood floors, sunlight and views galore. We can't wait to fill it up with furniture!!! Which reminds me. We are saving up for a couch since the old blue faithful denim couch would not make the turn into the living room or any other room for that matter. It was dragged away and unceremoniously dumped in the basement by the maintenance guys. Alas, poor Blue, I knew him well. Soon we will begin painting and it will be so home-like we will never ever ever leave!!! Who needs to buy a house when you have this place!!? I know. I will eat my words someday.
Anyway, we spent the 4th in the park right across the street from our building, watching the downtown fireworks. They are not as impressive as when the are vibrating your internal organs, but I am rather fond of my eardrums, so we chose a less hearing damaging location this year. But we had friends from church join us on our blankets and camp chairs and it was fun. Just 2 more weeks until me tonsils have to come out and after the ER visits last month, I will be glad for it. The first visit was just precautionary because I didn't want to end up with another peri-tonsilar abscess again. (If you don't know what that is, don't ask. Totally GROSS!) But by 1 am the next morning I was dehydrated, couldn't breathe, couldn't swallow, couldn't keep anything down...Matt took me back and we were there all night and with all the tests they did and drugs they cranked into my poor bod, a nearly $3000.00 ER bill after they were done. (Thank heavens for insurance and $50 Co-Pays!!!) So then they gave me pain meds because my tonsils were still so large and I hallucinated for the next 4 days!! Apparently I don't do well on Codine of any kind. (Neither does my Mama. She talks to little green men and has conversations with people who aren't there...same as me) So it's off to have the boogers taken out and 2 more weeks of recovering and pain meds that make me feel like I am wearing a wet blanket. Oh Joy. But at least we are all moved and everything will work out with my work schedule and all. I am very excited to get on with my tonsil free life. By the way, our new address is posted. Please make a note of it!! And Please come and see us!! REALLY, WE MEAN IT!!

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