Friday, July 29, 2005

You are almost here!!!!

So much news!! We are on the brink, the very brink of becoming aunt and uncle again. My (Ariana's) baby brother, Emmanuel and his girlfriend Isabelle are in the hospital as I write having a little girl named Fe (Spanish for Faith). I am so excited!! I have been knitting a little stuffed bunny for her to hold and I hoped to get it there before she arrived, but she is early. Just a week. It is merciful for poor Isabelle who is TINY! I don't even think she is 5 feet tall. She looks like she has been carrying around a beach ball in her shirt. I think she might have exploded had Fe not arrived. On another note, I had my tonsils out this week and have been doped up for DAYS! I didn't hallucinate this time though. Just crazy, crazy dreams from which I could not wake because I was too drugged. Matt finally had to pray over me because I was waking up so panicked and scared from my nightmares. Then all my dreams turned into sitcoms. Which is less scary, but almost as bad. You know those ridiculous situations they are always in and if one person would speak up, or do the right thing, then it would all be over...yeah. Very annoying. So at the end of all this, I will be tonsil free and so very ready to go back to singing again. Look out world!!

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