Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Gripe, Gripe, Gripe...all the time (10 year reunion coming)

Where, oh, where to begin...So this coming weekend I am going home and it looks like it will be alone. The dreaded 10 year reunion. And no moral support! Matt is suddenly on call and we already bought tickets. This SUCKS! A dinner, a picnic, a football game...all with the people who made my life hell while I was ages 14-18. What made me think that I needed to endue this self torture, and alone!! I guess it will be good to see how everyone turned out, if just for curiosity's sake. I hope they all have a zillion kids and got fat...ok, not the nice people...I don't hope that for them.
So here is the recap for me. I quit my job at the end of August to go back to writing and had a wonderfully productive month of many new songs which are being currently polished and exhibited for the first time in public at a couple of shows that I have been doing these last weeks. Let me just say that a gal cannot write all day and thought it would be nice to stay home and do this, the money issue has stuck its ugly little head up again. So it is off to work I go again, hi ho, hi ho. Sigh ho is more like. I am opting for the 'not nanny' job this time around. It always gets toooooo sticky when I take a full time, although the temp to hire stuff gets old because there is no regularity to the work. So it becomes the lesser of two weevils...I mean evils. So the 'not nanny' job, for now, means schlepping it to the Temp agency office to sit through computer testing on crazy old crap computers and why I am being tested for my knowledge of Excel and Word 97 on a computer that cannot even show graphics correctly beats the ever lovin' heck out of me! I was failing parts because the test didn't work right! How very wrong is that. Anyway. We have finally bought paint for the house and I really should take 'before' pictures so you all understand the hideousness of cream walls and BROWN trim. Oh yeah baby! Who ever thought this would be a cool fashion statement in the 80's was not a forward thinking chap, you know? I am still knitting away and there will be many projects posted AFTER Christmas because honestly, I don't know who looks at this and I wouldn't want them to see their gift, sitting there in black and white, or cream and blue as the case may be. I also asked about work in a knit shop. I know!!! Like crack for an addict!!! But maybe I'll get my 'crack' for free now, or at least employee rates... Just weekend stuff and not so bad. I would love it. SO enough about me...
Matt has been doing really well at his job and hanging out with friends lately, playing a lot of Disk Golf. There was even a day trip to Kentucky in there to test out some new courses. The Stargate series on SciFi, our Friday night fun, is having a mid season break so he is finding other things to do on Fridays, like roll playing games with some of the guys. (Don't ask me, I can't play, my brain falls out from all the math) We are talking about when it would be feasible for him to go back to school for piloting and if all goes well it could be as early as next fall!!
So Autumn is finally here and someone decorated the courtyard with ghosts and stuff. Too cute. The building is really becoming beautiful again and they are finally finishing all the work for our apartment. It is like pulling teeth around here though. They still have not fixed our bathtub, leaky tiles and liner...etc. I think they just like to paint over problems and not worry about them until they fall out of the ceiling!!! Oh well. It still is beautiful, crappy maintenance and all.
So on a final note for this post, there are two weddings in out near future. My youngest brother Emmanuel is tying the knot with his girlfriend on November the 26th. They have a little girl Fe', who there are cute, cute photos of on this site and hopefully more to come after I get to see her and she's not all purple from being born. The second wedding is Matt's sister Laura who is marrying Jessie. The wedding will be in Maine so we can't go, but I'm sure it will be beautiful.

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