Saturday, October 22, 2005

Happy Autumn!

I, Ariana, have just returned from a trip home to Texas where I was subjected to my 10 year reunion. Which actually didn't turn out so bad. Saw a ton of people who I was not sure I knew, until I read the name tag and had to go back and look at their senior year photo to make the connection. Wow. You wouldn't think that 10 years makes some people unrecognizable, but it does. AND nearly everyone had kids!!! I am still kid-less. YAY! At least for now that is a yay. Someday soon, don't worry. I saw my squishy little niece for the first time and had a great time talking with Isabel (Emmanuel's soon to be wife) in Spanish. Man! I am rusty. But Fe' is just so delicious. I took pictures and they will be up under the family section soon. Got to hang out with my brother Jonathan and my other brother Emmanuel for a little bit. Sometimes it's weird being back home. I know a lot of people, but they really don't know me. It's like a crazy time warp of acquaintances who my parents have kept up on my current situation and so they know about me, but don't know me. On the way home Is took a travel voucher to get bumped to the next day's flight and went and saw Stephanie Sloane (my maid of honor) and Kris Daily who is by far the best noise maker on guitar I know! We had fun and laughed until we hurt over margaritas and crazy stories. Cats were involved. I swear! And my camera battery died just as I took one photo, so that's no good. So I get to use the travel voucher to go to NYC soon to visit some friends there. I can't wait for that. One has a new baby due and I just love babies. Other peoples babies.
Speaking of...I have been working as a temp Nanny a ton! Even put up a nanny site here so people can hire me, just until I find a full time job, not that keeping' these kids ain't full time. IT IS!! But I am still sending out resumes like mad, but doing shows and writing too. Ah, yes, it's a full life.
Matt has been doing really well at work, has gotten 2 awards of excellence on of which came with a cash award. Can't beat that!! He is very pumped about all that. About time too. He freakin' ROCKS at his job. He has been hanging with two new guy friends a lot and it inice because they are married and I like hanging out with their wives. He is taking me to a Predators (the Nashville Hockey Team) game tonight! Wooo Hoo! Hot date! Just kidding. It should be lots of fun.
The weather is finally turning and it is so cool and beautiful, no ugly gray days for weeks on end. Today was a beautiful 64 degrees F. with Sun and a slight wind. The perfect Fall day. Happy Autumn!!!

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