Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Death by 'shoulda'

Have you heard this? "Don't should yourself to death." I can very easily head that way. I'm the queen of shoulda coulda woulda.
  • I should be out and about by now. My friends with new babies are! What's wrong with me?
  • I should have a clean house. The dust buffaloes are scaring off company and making me crazy!
  • I should have decorated for Christmas by now. It's next week for crum's sake!
  • I shouldn't need people to bring me food by now (and the guilt for asking from a certain party isn't helping! Honestly)
  • It's noon and I haven't done anything. I should get up, get dressed and be productive.
I'm sitting here with my baby girl who is not going to sleep because of excess gas, reading a blog about a mom who has 4 kids (one of them a newborn) and is parenting, taking photos, blogging, cooking, and get this...knitting! All with children and life swirling about her. I can't even manage to get out of bed before 9am or make sure I have clean clothes! Much less cook or knit. Sheesh. SO the shoulds come in and I start to feel guilty.

Here's my prayer for today:
Help me be in the moment. Help me take each little smile and erp as a gift. So what if we have no 'baby's first christmas' ornament. So what if we don't do a tree this year. So what if I am in desperate need of a shower and haircut. So what if money is tight. I am where I am. It is where I am supposed to be! Help me find joy in the moment and not should myself to death.

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Jaime said...

I "should" on myself, too. If we didn't compare ourselves to others, we'd have no "should". So, don't worry that so and so is able to blog and take pictures and such. Who knows what's going on at her house. Maybe she's reading someone else's blog and "shoulding" on herself, too! That's how we Mommies are. If we're not comparing ourselves to each other, we're comparing our babies to their babies! :-) I'm right there with you!

Good for you for seeing your tendency to do that and praying for help to stop. You are doing great!

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