Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sickies and sludge

Knock on wood, I am, so far, immune to the sickies around here.  They circle around me with their germs, coughing on me in the night and sneezing all over me with their little and big noses.  Oh these two are DETERMINED to infect me.  But I won't give in!  I won't!!  I will take my vitamins and eat chewable vitamin C like it is CANDY and I will drink water until my bladder gives up the good fight and just explodes!! 

I won't take a picture of the absolute sacrilege to my soul that is the current state of the great outdoors, so recently clothed in the garment of winter bride.  Now she has been wearing that gown to stomp in mud puddles!!  Oh it's too much for my beauty loving soul.  The piles of gray and black sludge that used to be snow piled in the grocery store parking lot!  I can't bear it.  I'm from the south.  Snow doesn't hang around there long enough to get piled anywhere! 

So instead I give you, a stolen kiss (taken by the Geek/Papa) and the most ghetto snowman ever rolled up (by me and the neighbor kids while my sickies slept).  With rocks for teeth, nostrils and eyes.  Yes.  Rocks.  (Which can only be topped by the one my friend showed me and promised to put on her blog soon.  Natty Ice beer bottle tops for buttons, folks.  Need I say more?)

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