Saturday, September 04, 2010


It's only the 4th of September, but already the weather is pulling my thoughts on to colder days.  I'm getting all the knitting I can in before my hands become disabled by swelling like they did last time I was pregnant.  Still there is so much to make and do.  Curtains for my kitchen with this lovely fabric, (it's the blue one of the below set)

Alexander Henry Apples Pears Fabric

Plus all of the things that will make this house cozy for the winter months with no carpet down on the floor! Including slippers for all, fingerless gloves for the Geek and a snuggly flannel robe for me. I feel like the days until this baby's due date are both forever away and rapidly approaching. (We find out the gender this week!) There is just so much to do.  I have a list that I think we may accomplish about half of, but even if we don't get it all done, this home is still more than ready for another sweet bundle.  With one newborn experience on our belt, we are much more confident about this upcoming one.  Things that I thought HAD to happen with Cora either didn't or didn't matter much once she arrived.  Lessons learned.  I'm sure this next one will bring a whole new set of lessons with him or her.

In the mean time, I make, and wait, and make some more because I love to make!  What are you makin'?

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Erin said...

oooh yeah, I love those fabrics. They are cute together too. You are doing curtains in the light blue ones? Will you put energy saving backing on it?

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