Thursday, September 02, 2010

Nesting FOR me

The Geek has had sympathy pregnancy symptoms with me both (3 really) times I've gotten pregnant and this one has included home repairs.  (Hurrah!) A weekend or two ago, he pulled up the carpet while I went out with some friends.  I came home to furniture shoved in the spare rooms and our living room empty with wood floors.  I wish I had taken pictures before we put the furniture back in!
floor refinishing

Floor refinishing

Then the next day, the dining room got emptied out and had the same treatment.  We were disappointed  to find a large patch of water damage in front of the (walled in) fireplace, but all in all, they are not too bad.  They are overed in paint and plaster and some random other stuff, but not horrible!  We plan to live with them as they are until spring time rolls around and I'm not with child.  Then maybe I can help with the refinishing!  I'm investigating some craigslist rugs currently to keep little feet warmer this winter.

On a very good note, it appears that with some elbow grease, the floors in the worst spots go from this:
Floor refinishing

To this:
Floor refinishing

So there's hope!

1 comment:

Kendra & Tobin Kirk said...

Looks great and I can picture it all redone and the rooms will look amazing! We have hardwood floors in our living room under the carpet and I'm dying to pull it up but can't since it's not my house :(

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