Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Like Mama - for better or worse

These wee ones are with me 24/7 and like it or not, for better or worse, they want to be 'Like Mama'.  My 2 year old says that quite a lot.  And the baby? Well, he just wants to be in Mama's arms. Cora has been wanting to carry her baby like I carry my baby so today, in about 15 minutes, I disassembled an old belt and made her a ring sling, just like Mama.  She picked the purple butterflies fabric out herself from my scrap fabric stash. Now if I could only keep them from picking up my...ahem...less desirable qualities.
Ring Sling

Ring Sling

Ring Sling

And for good measure, the sweetest wee baby boy, who has been the subject of decidedly less photos than his sister as I spend most of my time enjoying him, or chasing after said big sister!



With Mama

Bother and Sister

We are all kinda enamored with the little guy. :)


Beth said...

oh oh oh! he is so handsome. i love the picture of cora looking at him.

Jaime said...

Oh, my goodness, such sweet pictures of Mama Cora! So adorable! And I still can't believe what a beautiful baby Judah is! You sure are blessed, Ariana! Such sweet moments to capture.

Kendra & Tobin Kirk said...

I love that Cora wants to carry her baby like you do...so cute!

That last picture needs to be on your wall!

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