Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Viral what? Happy one month, baby!

Judah was one month old on Saturday and we spent Saturday night in the E.R.  The little wee man caught Cora's cold and couldn't cough it up like she could.  It became hard for him to breath and after several calls to the doctor, we took him in at 10pm.  Luckily my mama was here to be with Cora!
1 month old

the E.R. crib/cage

with i.v. and wires

After much watching and some brutal looking nasal suction of the poor wee man's nose, we were admitted to the hospital at 2:30am.  I sent Matt home to get some sleep and I camped out in the E.R. room on a cot until they had a bed for us upstairs at 5am (I slept about and hour and half total).  Judah had stopped eating in favor of concentrating on breathing, so he got on i.v. put in his tiny hand to keep him hydrated.  Finally upstairs in the Children's Hospital, we got a little more rest.  Matt and I switched out and I tried to take a nap at home, but how could I nap with my tiny baby in the hospital?
Resting in the Children's Hospital

Papa and Juda at VCH
I headed back napped a little there, where I could keep and eye on him.  They weren't hopeful that we'd get out that day, but he made a turn for the better, and by that evening they sent us home.  Hurrah!  Judah is on the mend and sounds much, much, much better now (no wheezing, no crackles).  When I took him in to his pediatrician for a follow-up he said that what he had was a form of viral pneumonia.  I'm glad they didn't say that word to me while we were in the hospital.  I might have lost it.  It's such a big scary word to be applied to such a wee little boy.  So that was his one month birthday.  I'm glad we made it through!  Now everyone keep their colds to themselves, will ya!  Sheesh!

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Jaime said...

Oh, those pictures in the hospital are just heart-breaking. I'm so glad he's home and doing much better. What a scary time!

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