Saturday, December 31, 2011


The new year is coming.  Just hours away.  All things will be made new.  I hold onto that promise and try to remember when I am tired or angry or lonely or just overwhelmed by the tidal wave that is 2 (and we just found out, soon 3) children and their needs and joys and clutter and wonder. 
Ignore the mess and drink in with joy the little wee man babe who is on the verge of walking and spends his days waving various and sundry objects at me while grunting and growling.  Ah, my boy who gently puts his hand on his Papa's bearded face and says 'pah pah' when he is happy and cries 'mamamamama' and reaches for me when he is sad. And the little girl child who flits through my day and imagines and dresses up every chance she gets and asks me earnest questions with her blue-green doe eyes upturned to me.  Why are things dead, Mama? How do reindeer fly, Mama? Are you losing your mind, Mama? (actual questions) and I laugh (sometimes internally) and do my best to answer.  My joyful boy and my serious girl who I lead again and again to joy.  And I wonder how I will stay afloat and then I realize that the things I'm worried about don't matter.  This season will pass and my little girl won't want to take me by the hand and say "I want to swing AND slide, with you, Mama" on our little 'date' to the park.  And my boy will be to big for kisses.  Oh those darling squishy cheeks! Never too big for kisses! And baby will become middle and 4 will become 5 and Matt and I will look at our dear babies and then look at each other and smile.  They are ours and the year/day/hour/moment is being made new.


Thesupermanns said...

What !!?are you pregnant? oh my goodness...congratulations,,,

Ariana said...

Yep! Preggers!

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