Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Remembering the sun

Warm February
Warm February Warm February 
Judah may look a bit grumpy here, but I think he was reaching the 'tuckered out' stage our Nature Play adventure.
This has been such an odd winter.  Not really even winter at all, compared with last year when we had no less than 12 snows (unusual for Middle TN).  Just last week, I was sitting on a turquoise bench watching the kids dig in the mud and sand with bare feet.  Yes, bare feet in February.  Scandal!  As I sat there in my jeans and long sleeve shirt (with flip flops) I thought 'It's hot! How strange for February.'  And now the next week it's a little bit more chilly and the sky is grey.   So I'm remembering last weekand making a pumpkin pie.  Not that pie and sunshine have anything in common, I just want some. 

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