Saturday, March 02, 2013


Every day.  Every moment.  We hear this voice from inside us, from around us, telling us, "you were meant for more than this."  The eternal is calling.  Let it all go.  With enough faith, you can walk on water. 

And then the day comes.  And then the nights come. And someone needs a new diaper.  And someone wakes up scared of monsters and has to sleep in your bed.  And lack of sleep steals your joy.  And someone melts down over legos and you feel like you spend the day breaking up fights, putting small people in time out, wiping backsides and cleaning up endless messes and hunting for small socks for small feet and listening to someone cry over having to wear socks or having to share or having to not hit their brother.

And the eternal feels lost.  And the days go by in a haze of mediocre.  And the wrinkles and the gray hair are multiplying in the mirror.  And no one hears you sing except the walls in the shower and small ears at bedtime who want the same song every night, while they rest their head on your shoulder.  And this thankless job feels like letting go of anything that might be bigger.

But the words, the deeds, the kisses, the meals, the small hands, the songs, the lost boots, the found socks, the sand piles, the muddy hand prints all add up to you.  The world changer.

Long ago, before the gray hair, I heard the call to go unto all the world and preach the gospel and stood on the shores of foreign lands.  And waited for that moment when the soundtrack began playing and the montage of my world changing deeds began to roll.  Chariots of fire.  Me serving in some selfless way and showing Jesus to someone every day and winning the world for Christ.  But the reality was when I was there, I did what I do best.  Caring for a small one and singing songs in a tiny church.  And there I was.  The world changer.  I changed it for one girl.  She didn't live past the age for 4.  But I was there with her every day, every moment, every night.  Loving her in those small ways, for that stretch of time.

And here I am now.  With these two, soon to be three.  Every moment.  Every morning.  Every night.  Loving them in small ways.  In mediocre ways.  And the lie creeps in, "you were meant for more than this." and the truth is, I am already doing more than this.  The mediocre is profound. The meaningless is not meaningless.  Not for these small ones.  For them, I am the world changer.  And so are you.

This mediocre moment is just a snapshot of all of eternity that we don't yet have the eyes to see.

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