Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Breakfast adventures: Creamy Poached Eggs

Yesterday my kids got into a screaming fight (Awesome for 7am.  Seriously.  Blerg.) about who was going to get to choose what kind of eggs we had for breakfast.  J chose "Cheese Eggs" and C chose "scrambled eggs".  And never the twain shall meet.  

So I said neither could choose and we were choosing an egg recipe that neither of them had ever tried.  Out came my trusty (sorta) Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook that I had picked up somewhere second hand and we tried Poached Eggs.  They were really into it and willing to try a new thing, especially since they helped me make it.  What would have been "yick" was kinda fun and they all kinda liked them.

And so this project was born.  We will be cooking through the Egg section of Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook with some sort of frequency.  As much is allowed by this kid rabble.  This is not my favorite cookbook and often not my first choice in how to cook (American cheese?  Um...Not usually), but fun and a great way to learn.  So here we go.

Today was Creamy Poached Eggs which sound awesome but the cheese mixture was a "tasty" blend of melted American Cheese and Cream Cheese (with chives), a little milk, pepper and chives and there you have it.  

Creamy Poached Eggs post
They shredded the singles (singles?!)

Creamy Poached Eggs post
stirred a bit, cracked some eggs 

Creamy Poached Eggs post
While this kid was plied with bits of food to keep him occupied.

Creamy Poached Eggs post
 and voila... 

Creamy Poached Eggs post
THIS was born.

Creamy Poached Eggs post

The kids all tried it, (Judah called the yolk that leaked out "egg soup" and then "egg juice") and though they both said "Yum" (or in Peter's case, he just didn't spit it out), there was lots of leftover food on the plates. I found it very heavy and to have a bad aftertaste. I blame the cooked American Cheese for that.   Matt groggily ate it and, then we had this conversation:

"Too fancy for my taste."

"Fancy?  It has velveeta in it!"

"Velveeta?  Where did you get this recipe, the 1980's weiner fountain cookbook?"  (By which he meant this hilarious thing from some 1970's weight watchers cards Go ahead.  Go see.  I don't mind.  If you are post partum, pee first.  Just a warning.  You are welcome.)

And I collapsed in a fit of laughter and then we had a discussion about how Velveeta is not the same as American Cheese and how it is not even a cheese and then I said neither is American "Cheese" and since that is a touchy subject around here, I just let it drop and laughed more about the "Weiner Fountain."

Creamy Poached Eggs post
The long suffering Peter had to be let loose during breakfast because he was "over it". But he made up for it in cuteness.

So the Creamy Poached Eggs were not our favorite.

Creamy Poached Eggs post
Even less so because there was this burnt cheese horror to clean up, but it's part of the process right?  More adventures to come.

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