Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Breakfast Adventures: Crab Eggs Benedict and Deluxe Eggs Benedict

It was bound to happen.  And I am sure it will happen again.  These eggs, at least the Crab Eggs Benedict, got awarded the lowest rating so far.

After some debating, we came up with our own rating system and here's how it works. Each person who eats can give it a star or not and since there are five of us, it can get up to 5 stars.  Kinda like a fancy restaurant, but it's Mama's home cookin'.

No eating or putting it in your mouth and spitting or throwing it (only allowed for the baby) = no star
Taking a "no thank you" bite and not continuing = no star
Trying it and eating some and/or eating all but deciding it is just OK = 1/2 star
Liking it and/or putting a considerable dent in your meal = a star

Crab Eggs Benedict got a 1/2 star rating.  Deluxe Eggs Benedict got a 1 Star rating.  That one star and that 1/2 star were from me.

Crab Eggs Benedict
It began innocently enough.

Crab Eggs Benedict
Toast some English muffins with the cutest girl in the world.

Crab Eggs Benedict
Distract the baby with a banana.

Crab Eggs Benedict
Simmer the water.

Crab Eggs Benedict
Poach a mess of eggs.

Crab Eggs Benedict
Then saute the veggies for the Deluxe E. B.

Crab Eggs Benedict
And open a can (can?!!) of crab meat for the Crab E.B.

First of all, canned crab is not the best.  I didn't even know it came like that and why, if it is canned, must it remain refrigerated?  Seems fishy...or crabby...to me.  And perhaps that is where we went wrong.  I blame the cookbook.  It is, after all, one from the 90's and any cookbook that regularly includes 3/4 cup AMERICAN cheese and/or a cup of margarine in a recipe, isn't right up there with Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  Am I right?  But I digress...

Crab Eggs Benedict
All served up.  Deluxe on the left, Crab on the right. 

Crab Eggs Benedict
Everyone else got English Muffins with theirs.

Matt's reaction was much like this.

The kids were a little braver, but no one really liked it at all.  So it was scrape off the crab and do your best because Mama is not making another breakfast. 

I ate most of mine, but even the red peppers and onions, which I usually like, weren't doing it for me.

Better luck next time!

Final Rating = 1/2 star

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