Friday, June 06, 2014

Breakfast Adventures: Fried Eggs, Fried Eggs, Cheese and Bologna

OK.  No cheese or bologna, but Fried Eggs.  Plain ol fried eggs.

Fried Eggs
The usual gang of helpers. They REALLY just like to hold eggs. Really. Strangely so. Is this a thing?

Fried Eggs
Cora is big enough to crack a few into the pan.  Fatal flaw of too many eggs in the pan pictured here.

You would think that this one would be easy.  I have MADE fried eggs before.  And they turned out fine.  Good, even!  But I have never made this many fried eggs in one pan.  Fatal flaw.  Next mistake: the butter browned too fast and they were hard to get apart from each other.  In addition to those rookie mistakes, I have never made sunny side up eggs, as were requested.  I wasn't sure how to make the top cook and not be snotty.  (You know...when the whites don't cook all the way and they have the consistency of snot?  Don't tell me you never thought it!)  My gang is typically an "over medium" kind of gang.

I was tempted to call this a "Do-Over" and take better pictures, but this is reality, folks.  Often I set out with a plan and somewhere about 2/3rds in, something goes awry.  Like too much heat on the pan and eggs cooking too fast, and not sure what to do about egg snot, and trying to figure out why some of my eggs had frozen.  Yes, FROZEN EGGS.  Too weird.  The carton was in contact with the back of the fridge and a row of eggs froze.

Aside: Isn't this just like me?  Just like life?  Just like parenting?  Starting out with a plan, things going awry.  Too much heat (my temper, frustrations, arguing kids), too many eggs in the pan (too many things to do, not taking time for the moment and filling the day with activities), distracted by frozen eggs (social media, phone calls, whatever drama is in my own head), perplexed by egg snot (coming up against things I've never faced that I don't know how to overcome - like pestering and hitting.  It's a new thing that is happening here between siblings and it burns me up!)

Fried Eggs
 Over cooked butter makes for a nasty looking display, but not too bad of a flavor, in everyone's opinion. (Except Matt.  Brown butter is burnt butter to that man and he may be right.)

Final verdict, Judah liked the "crispy edges" but the yolk cooked too hard for him.  Cora liked them OK, but wanted something to eat them with and we had no toast.  Peter ate a few and didn't spit them.  Matt was late for work and left without breakfast, but fried eggs are on his list of ones he likes a lot. 

For this attempt, I would rate us 3 1/2 stars but I know that's not a true reflection of how my gang feels about fried eggs.  However, I am letting the rating stand.  It's good to know one's limitations.

Aside:  And just like me, just like life, just like parenting, I let go of the final result and just admit that I fail at a lot of things, but I keep at it, until the eggs cook right, or not.  But we eat them anyways.

Have a great weekend.  I will see you on Monday!

p.s.  Edited to add: I went back and re-read the instructions.  COVER the eggs.  Oh.  Now it makes sense.  Good grief.

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