Tuesday, April 01, 2008

5 weeks along

Since discovering I am growing my own symbiote, I decided to start a blog about it. Here's a recap of how this happened. No gory details, mind you. If you want those, go to sex ed class. This was not planned. We had been thinking about having one of these, but the thought for the last, nearly, four years has alternately scared the bejesus out of me and had me making googley eyes at newborns I see at my local coffee shop.

I had some clues that something was different, starting Friday.

First, I went TOTALLY ape-shit on a stranger for poor driving skills and basically informed her what a pathetic excuse for humanity she was and that she was an unfit mother. Hmm. Usually I just let that crap go.

Then this happened: Crying and then laughing, then crying, then raging, then crying, then laughing. Whew. I feel pretty nuts. And that was just 2 hours worth!!

Then, I thought to myself...what if I'm not just late (which never happens, by the way. I am a 28 days girl. You could set a clock by my uterus!). A quick trip to the drug store for some left over Easter candy and a few prego tests later...(which, by the way is WAY too complicated. How hard can it be to wee on a stick?! This is why they don't just give you one.)

Well, you saw the results yourself!

I've had my first wave (or 5) of nausea and I am not pleased, even though it means I am less likely to miscarry because of all the progesterone flooding my system, I hate, hate, hate nausea. I'd rather just go ahead and puke than walk around feeling like that, which, I've been informed, doesn't make it stop.

Then I remembered that gestational diabetes runs in my family. So, like a good girl, it's down the sink with all that Easter candy. Which, by the way, didn't happen. I had to have BD (my husband, the "Baby Daddy" lol) take it away from me. I had consumed most of it!

To top all of that off, my OB-GYN let me know that since I started out heavy, it's best if I LOSE weight during this pregnancy! Sheesh. How in the WORLD is that going to happen.

As for keeping it a secret, I always did suck at that, at least when it comes to surprise parties and the like and this is WAAAAAY better than that. I told all of my family (there's a lot to tell, I come from a huge family) and the BD told his. (the term BD sounds so naughty, like we aren't married. LOL!)

So now, at just 5 weeks along, when the little bean is no bigger than a piece of cous-cous, everyone knows. As for how I feel about it, I've gone through so many emotions in the last 3 days, I can hardly tell you. All in all, I am happy about it. Thinking about the future and all of the things that will change kind of makes my eyes go wide, but I know that things will iron themselves out and it's not my job to make them all go smoothly. BD is ecstatic and totally freaked out, and ecstatic. It alternates, really.

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Matt Evans said...

erm...not freaked out at all, actually. :)

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