Sunday, April 19, 2009

Photo by request & East Nashville Cooperative Ministry Easter Lunch

We went to the East Nashville Cooperative Ministry Easter lunch (older site here, but with more info) yesterday and there was a clown. I'm a terrible document-er of these things, but I had to take the baby bear's photo with her painted on bow and flowers. I'm so not a girly kind of mama and the last time she wore a bow, it was stuck on by hospital staff. But it was sweet and Laura said 'I want to see a photo of that on your blog'. So here's my little girly girl. With her bow. :)

A little more info about the Lunch. Our church's neighborhood groups partnered with ENCM to bring food for this event. A meal for those in need and more info about what ENCM does. I was a bit distracted, what with having my baby girl there, but the Cooperative ministry does great things and brings together many different types of churches and organizations to help people in need in the community. In fact, this was where we picked up free formula and a food box for our family, for which we are very grateful.

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Anonymous said...

Adorable!!! Thanks so much for coming. ENCM is indeed a great place....but I am biased. :)

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