Thursday, April 30, 2009

When it rains...

It's been rainy spring weather for several days and I am loving it. Windows are flung wide and fans move the air from room to room. It took some adjusting, but so far we have avoided turning on the A/C. Helpful for strained budgets! The baby bear continues to grow and bring moments of joy to our house with her ready smile and wiggles. I was sharing yesterday at our neighborhood group how in spite of everything that is going on I really feel as though I am buoyed up on top of our troubles, and I do. I know we are loved and cared for by the maker of the universe. Pretty great, huh? Here's some moments that have been a part of this week:

Someone finally learned to roll!

As I was drying my glasses last night, they literally broke in two in my hand. They ARE, after all, only plastic and about 8 years old now, but since the Geek still has no job, we have no insurance to replace them and with eyes like mine, thy are VERY pricey glasses ($400 or so)

I happen to have the sweetest little swimmer ever. Here she is rockin' her tankini. (with red cloth diaper cover that was replaced by matching swim diaper bottom AFTER we got to the pool)

And hanging on to her car seat for dear life...(is it really that rough in a car seat?)

And finally, getting tricked into enjoying tummy time. Sneaky Mama! I put her on the back of the chair and she looks out of the window at birds, sky, trees, grass, violets, etc.

Gizmo likes the open window too. Cat TV!!

Add to that cool evenings sitting on the porch with a small girl in my lap who finds stars and twilight skies as beautiful as I find them and you have a recipe for perfection.

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