Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Quick and Easy Homemade Mac and Cheese-y

Still cooking on a budget around here! I wanted to make homemade mac and cheese for dinner the other night, but have you seen how long these recipes take?! And do I have cream just hanging around the house? Nope. So after flipping through lots of recipes, I did what I always do. I made one up. Here it is!
PS. I hardly ever measure when I am making stuff up, so the ingredients are an approximation of what I do which is more like a pinch here, a dash there, dump a little, taste, dump a little more. You know how it is.

Quick and Easy Mac and Cheese-y

Cook 16 oz of macaroni noodles as per package directions, drain and set aside. You can do this whilst (doncha love the world whilst?) you make the sauce.

2 tbs olive oil (or your favorite cooking oil)
1/4 cup finely chopped onions
1 tsp or 1 clove finely chopped or pressed garlic
2 tbs flour
1 tsp salt
1 12 oz can evaporated milk (NOT CONDENSED!!!)
5-6 oz grated extra sharp cheddar

Heat oil to medium heat in large sauce pan. Cook onions until a little soft. Add garlic. Cook until almost brown. Add flour and stir continually until it begins to barely brown (like making a gravy base) Don't burn the flour! (or garlic, it's not nice burnt)
Pour can of evaporated milk into pan, a bit at a time, stirring constantly. Add the salt.
Once milk is heated, slowly add the cheese, stirring until it is melted before adding more. Stir constantly as it will thicken fast and you don't want it to boil. If it gets too hot, turn down the heat!
Once all the cheese is added and melted, dump in the drained noodles. Stir it all together and serve hot! For extra fun, add ham or other meats that you think go great with cheddar!

Considering how much cheese and evaporated milk is in this recipe, I have to put the disclaimer that this is not for the faint of waistline. :)

Serves lots.

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