Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Delicious day

I'm having a restful night, tonight. My blood-pressure has been up for several days and I am not feeling my best, so the Geek did exclusive daddy duty when he got home from his first day of work in nearly 6 months. (Isn't he wonderful?) I get very dizzy and have bad pressure headaches behind my right eye. The only cure? Bed and water. No medicine can touch the headache, so I've just got to wait it out, and sleep. But I've been sleeping for hours and need to get up or I won't sleep through the night, so I'll tell you about my delicious day.

Yesterday, in the golden hours before sunset, the baby bear and I took a blanket outside and stretched out under the canopy of our Silver Maple tree. She watched with absolute delight as the breeze shook the leaves above her, green-gold framed against a blue, blue sky. The birds swooped and sang overhead, gathering bugs for their nests full of baby birds and with each one that caught her eye, she let out a squeal and wiggled excitedly. I tatted, watching Freckles inspect every inch of the yard and pondering the space I've picked out for my first garden, to be prepared over the next year and planted next spring.

To watch delight in my baby's eyes, to capture a perfect early summer moment in my mind, to joy in nothing and everything. To see us, it was only mother and baby on a blanket under a tree on the front lawn, but to me it was a thousand seconds of an exquisite evening, each one dripping with summer sweetness and the beauty of Creation around us.

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