Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

We rang in the new year with neighbors and friends while our wee sprog kept us company and refused to sleep! There's so much to think about for this coming year. So much I'd like to do, see, and learn. I haven't even begun to get still and think but I will be carving out some time this coming week to do just that. My dear friend Tara Leigh twittered this earlier today and I found it so fitting: "My only resolution for 2009 is to put my hope in God and not give way to fear." Fear is the thing that waits outside the door for me. Whispering doubt through the cracks and I can choose to stand and listen or to put my trust in something else. Someone else.

Matt (oh let's face it, you all know our names) is job hunting and I am mothering our tiny girl. It's a cloistered life right now. The state of the economy has only reached a small finger in to touch us financially for now, but as I flipped through the New York Times year in pictures, I am reminded how big the world is and how much we are still in need of someone to save us from ourselves. I can't find that in presidents, or a fat investment portfolio. I can't find it it relationships, although they bring me joy. I can't find it in politics, or a job, or being a famous songwriter. Call me ignorant, call me naive, call me backward, or religious, but it seems my only hope in this swirling chaos of a planet is to put my trust in someone bigger than myself. Without that trust, I am back listening to the whispers of fear that threaten to engulf my very sanity. I'll be thinking on that as I ponder this new year. May yours be filled with joy.

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Mel said...

Amen, Sistah! Good reminder.

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