Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I can't resolve, so I surrender. Happy New Year!

I was talking with my hubby today after some sweet cuddle time and I brought up the topic of New Years resolutions. He wasn't doing any because what is the point and why say you are going to start something just because the calendar says a different year. Hmm. I understand, but I still like to do them, at least in my head. Then no one will know I've given them up by say...mid February. Then as I pondered, I realized that I've never kept resolutions. I'm just crap at them!

If everything I've been learning lately is true, then here are my thoughts for the new year. I'll list the things I would like to do, but can't because of my stubbornness, my addiction to sugar and french fries, my unwillingness to take direction or counsel, my ignorance, my weaknesses, my physical limitations, my upbringing, fears, or my bad habits. These are the things I've resolved to do, again and again, and never have.

Get down to a healthy body weight
Get out of debt
Write every day
Practice my guitar every day
Treat Matt with kindness every day
Cultivate friendships by being intentional with people

These are great goals, but for reasons listed above, I've never accomplished them or done the daily ones for more than say...two weeks. Now what if I spend the next year surrendering these things over to God, asking him to change me (because I do a bang up job of changing myself, right?) and make me into the woman he created me to be? I wonder what January 2010 will look like? I'll let you know.

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