Friday, January 02, 2009

While my Squidoo gently sleeps

Yes, Cora has many names. Toad (for the faces she makes), Squid, Squidoo, Squeaker, Angel baby, Squirt, Tiny, Gorgeous, Grumpy...we call her so many things. Right now she is sleeping and I have a moment to breathe!

The days pass in a haze of about 12 hours. It's all I can manage to stay awake for in a stretch. And they often run from noon to midnight. I'm trying to change that. To get back on a human schedule. I do so like structure. I never knew how much until I had a babe. My horribly unstructured mind needs something to provide it with edges to bump up against.

In the quiet moments when the Squidoo is asleep, I'm not doing laundry or dishes. No, I am reading and watching Netflix movies. The house is not too far this side of chaos and so I'm not feeling guilty about that. The days are cold(ish) and sunny and soon I will form a plan to reclaim some semblance of physical health, but for now, it's movies, books, fig newtons and short walks in the winter sun.

This week's films were:
Into the Wild - somehow this movie annoyed me that he finally figured out that life was about relationships and then he died, because he was too stubborn to take some survival training before he walked out 'into the wild.' The gypsy life has always had a draw to me, but I never wanted to do it alone.
Outsourced - I more watched this for my Sister in Law and it was slightly amusing, but had great footage of India.
Definitly, Maybe - a prime example of how most of the romantic comedies from Netflix are crap I wouldn't pay to see in the theatre, but looked mildly amusing so I add them to my queue. Not one I'd recommend.

Books I'm still in the middle of:
The Shack. I don't want to talk about this book yet, but I am reading it.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Matt reads to me and Cora at night and we just started book 4. I figure she won't be old enough to read these for some time and is too young to know what he is saying yet!

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