Monday, January 12, 2009

Tell those checker blocks!

Being the clever mama that I am (wink wink), I went to Photoshop and made my own graphics for Cora to look at and taped them to her changing table. (If you want them, I'll email you the pdf files!) This is her, telling them all about it! Isn't she the best? Diaper changes are sooo fun now!

As for the tag, I once tried to talk Matt into letting me put the word "squidoo" on a Scrabble board, because it's just such a fun word that it SHOULD be real (and I suck at scrabble and can only make up words that should be real, rather than actual real words). Somehow it weaseled its way into our vocabulary and since Cora is just such a little doot, the squidoo part just got attached. So more often than not, Squidoot or Squidoo or Doot, or just Squid. Not the most girly nickname but fun to say and I love our Squidoo!

Update: Apparently baby brain has gotten the better of me and I forgot I already posted this photo. So here's another to make you happy!

This cute outfit made possible by Great Aunt Jennie and Great Uncle Larry - Thanks!

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