Friday, March 20, 2009

For Mandy

This post is for all you mamas out there who wonder why everyone else has a shinier, cleaner, happier, more productive life than you, and how in the world they do it all. Here's why (and how): IT'S NOT TRUE and WE DON'T! (I've asked this question too) So I'm coming clean (or rather dirty) about the current state of my house. Here's the mess.

The dishes - So many I had to use the kitchen floor for pots and pans. We've been ignoring these dishes for some time now. (Note the overflowing recycling bins behind them)

The laundry - clean (to be folded and covering my dining room table) and dirty (taking up space in the kitchen floor aka the laundry room atrium)
The groceries - which never got fully put away before something (or some little one) needed my attention more. (Plus, why put these away when they amuse the cat for HOURS?) :)

Here's the one chore I got done: (and this isn't all of them! I had to do it in 2 shifts.)

Why yes, yes I do like to precariously perch my pots and pans so they pivot between peril and perfection while I pontificate on and on about my penchant for perniciously thwarting penury. I also like alliteration. Can you tell? Hee hee!

On the other hand, last week I focused on relationships and went on a picnic, attended 'Happy Our' at my sweet friend's house, had a date with hubby, played with my baby a TON and let the house go. Alice told me this poem when the baby bear was first born and I keep it in mind when I look around and see my disaster of a house.

Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow
For babies grow up, we've learned to our sorrow.
So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep!"
~ Anonymous

and I'll add to that - neither do friendships! I love you friend!!


Jaime said...

All the dirty pictures made me smile. I'm so glad I"m not alone! :-)

And, clean or dirty, I love your green dishes!!! So YOU! :-)

Thesupermanns said...

You crack me up that it is titled "For Mandy". thanks for letting me know im not alone...and showing me too...ha ha. All your "p" words at the end made me laugh too. That poem Alice gave you is a great thing to keep in mind when i get too wrapped up in cleaning some days. Gracias for the shout out.

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